Bed Bugs Have Reached Guam; Bed Bug Bully Offering Samples To Prevent More Infestation

Bed bugs have reached Guam. BedBugBully offers residents a green way to fight the blood-sucking parasites.

Online PR News – 10-June-2011 – – Bed bugs are spreading wider. Reports have it that they are now in Guam. It is said that they took a hitch with travelers and are now causing serious problems in the island. Apart from hotels, they had been determined invading homes and even dormitories.

According to a local entomologist, the first case of bed bug infestation in Guam happened in 2007. From then on residents have been wary of more possible infestations. To help them be more prepared to the possibility of being invaded, MyCleaningProducts introduced the Bed Bug Bully to the public at

Unlike other bed bug sprays in the market, BedBugBully is made of natural ingredients. That means that it is 100% free of toxic. And so, it is safe to use both indoors and outdoors.

Markus Skupeiaka, CEO of MyCleaningProducts, the manufacturer of BedBugBully has this to say about their green bed bug killer: “You can't find any bed bug killer like BedBugBully in the market. It is the only one that can guarantee both safety and effectiveness.”

“With its organic ingredients we use found in remote areas in the world, BedBugBully poses no threats to health and even the environment. In fact, it promotes wellness. Aside from that, we made sure that its concentration kills not just mature bed bugs but also their larvae and eggs.” he added.

Financially, the green bug killer also has benefits to promise. Because it is a concentrated solution, users are assured of getting more value to their money than with other bed bug sprays.

Creators of the product also would like to share that before its official launching, has already been used by many hospitals, hotels and even pest control companies. And they are happy and proud to say that those first users of the green bed bug killer are more than satisfied of the output of the product.

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