True Business Grants by Business Money Today

True business grants. Business Money Today has created a listing of true business grants. Business grants for ‘for-profit’ businesses be it a start-up or growing business.

Online PR News – 10-June-2011 – – Business Money Today is pleased to announce the creation of a True Business Grants listing section on its website –

In keeping with its mission in providing relevant financing resources for start-up and growing businesses, Business Money Today has completed its initial True Business Grants listing page.

Small businesses across this nation constantly hear about grant opportunities for their businesses only to be disappointed when they are unable to find these opportunities or find out that their business just does not qualify.

To that note, Business Money Today is attempting to bring clarity to this issue.

We have created a listing of several True Business Grants – grants that are open to almost any ‘for-profit’ business.

What You Get:

The grant listings provide:

1) The name of the entity providing the grant,
2) The name(s) of their grant program(s),
3) How to apply and,
4) A link to the grant itself.

Further, many of these grants have no other restriction besides being a U.S. based business.

In fact, some of these grant opportunities even require that your business be a ‘for-profit’ business.

Lastly, as our True Business Grant listings assists us in fulfilling our mission of helping small U.S. businesses find and obtain relevant financing opportunities to start or grow their businesses, these grant listings are entirely free – meaning there is nothing to buy or subscribe to.

Simply visit the listing, find out how to apply and get back to running and growing your business.

If you don’t apply for these grants – then you will not receive any grant funding. And, if you don’t receive it – someone else will!

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