Alpha-Stim Provides Japanese Survivors With Stress Management Assistance

Alpha-Stim with, a company that makes medical devices to help treat Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD) and other disorders, recently offered assistance to the survivors of the Japanese earthquake.

Online PR News – 10-June-2011 – – Mineral Wells, TX, June 7th, 2011 – On May 11th, 2011, Japan was struck by the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in human history. With so much devastation, not to mention from the earthquake but also from the subsequent tsunami, many individuals and companies have offered their support. One such company, Alpha-Stim, recently offered Japan the help it needs with a generous donation. Alpha-Stim technology uses a medical device for the management of anxiety, depression and problems sleeping. The Kirsch family, who owns Alpha-Stim technology, is planning to donate these devices to help survivors of the recent disaster.

This isn't the first time that Alpha-Stim and the Kirsch family have given to a worthy cause. The company also donated devices for the Haiti earthquake relief efforts. The small devices were left in the care of mayors of small communities in Haiti, where the individuals affected by the disaster would be trained in how to use them.

Alpha-Stim is working with the PAC (Police Assistance Coalition) in order to help deliver the devices to disaster-stricken Japan. The company is also working with the PAC to help deliver the Alpha-Stim devices to law enforcement officers who receive the PAC Police Valor Award, and also to officer's family members if the award is given after the officer's death. Alpha-Stim therapy is used extensively by the US Army at Ft. Hood and at Brooke Army Medical Center in Texas on wounded warriors and those suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. It is also used in 67 Veteran's Hospitals for PTSD and pain management.

To help others realize the benefits of this new technology, Dr. Kirsch recently gave an interview regarding the benefits of electromedicine and Alpha-Stim. Electromedicine, the doctor explained, is a field of study by scientists, doctors and researchers the world over that involves the use of very mild electric currents in order to relieve pain and other symptoms. Dr. Kirsch explained during the interview that the human body is an electrochemical organism. In the west, he stated, doctors are taught to treat the chemical aspects using drugs. So, the doctor asked, what if there was a way to treat the body by improving the electrical aspect? This, he continued, is what Alpha-Stim is designed to do.

Alpha-Stim, according to Dr. Kirsch, is cleared by the FDA for the treatment of pain, depression, anxiety and insomnia. These are the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). All of this without the use of any prescribed drugs. The doctor states that the low-level microcurrent has been shown to work even when pharmaceuticals have failed.

About Alpha-Stim 100, Alpha-Stim SCS and Alpha-Stim PPM are all devices that have been cleared by the FDA for the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, depression and pain. For those experiencing stress or any of these other symptoms related to an illness, the patient will use an Apha-Stim device to deliver a low-level current via clips on their earlobes. Done for certain periods of time, the device has been shown to work better than pharmaceuticals for the treatment of pain and other symptoms.

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