Non-corroding Pipelines Vital for Subterranean Pipe Systems

This article will discuss the importance of using non-corroding pipelines for subterranean pipe systems

Online PR News – 07-June-2011 – – The use of non-corroding pipelines is imperative when it comes to the installation of pipe systems designed to sit at subterranean levels according to FT Pipeline Systems, the leading provider of steel pipes, Pipe Fittings and adaptors in the UK.

In many cases where pipes are being installed beneath areas of water, such as rivers or lakes, directional drilling is required. This method of installing pipe systems can be particularly difficult in terms of the engineering and tools required, and in all such cases FT Pipeline Systems advises that non-corroding pipes such as a Mannesmann Line Pipe should be used to complete the work.

Using non-corroding pipes significantly reduces the risk of repairs needing to be made to the pipe system, which would otherwise be problematic due to the nature of the repairs and the amount of planning and resource required to carry this out. As there are obvious accessibility issues with subterranean pipes, this can make them difficult to repair. In addition, any repairs could carry a substantial cost as a result.

Duncan Frazer, Managing Director of FT Pipeline Systems, said: “When it comes to subterranean pipe systems, we cannot emphasise enough the importance of non-corroding pipes for their long term performance with minimal maintenance. In addition, the joints used should also be non-corroding. The Frazer and Tabberer E-Joint is particularly relevant for subterranean pipe systems, since a worker doesn’t need to be sent inside the pipe to conduct repairs.”

Mannesmann Line Pipes provide total resistance to all organic, corrosive and inorganic contamination, and can be made to suit specific substances, from oil and gas to potable water and sewage.

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