Releases the 3 Must Have Security Training Courses for 2012
06/10/2011 has announced three must have security classes that are expected to be among the most sought after courses in the coming year based on current trends. These three courses are ECSA / LPT, Cyber War and the MCITP - Server Administrator. The first two courses deal with penetration testing while the third deals with server administration.

Online PR News – 10-June-2011 – – ( is a website that provides information and news about the IT security training industry. The list of the 3 Must Have Security Training Courses is a list of what is expected to be the hottest and most sought after security classes in the upcoming year based on the trends of the current year. The 3 classes that made the list are: ECSA / LPT, Cyber War and the MCITP - Server Administrator.

The ECSA / LPT course is a certification training class for a licensed penetration tester, or LPT, and security analyst, or ECSA. The EC Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA) is a course that teaches students who to determine where the security risks are within a network by applying a number of in depth penetrating and hacking techniques. Within such a course, students will learn how others may attack a network and how to reduce the security risks faced by a network or avoid them entirely. Through the ECSA, hacking and forensic practices are elevated to much higher levels than they had been through the CEH and CHFI certifications.

The Licensed penetration tester (LPT) is a course where students will learn both basic and advanced practices in hacking and penetrating so they are better prepared to test a company's network security. Individuals who obtain licensed penetration testing certification are also prepared to make recommendations for security to network administrators.

The Cyber War course provides advanced penetration testing training. Students learn of the newest and most aggressive techniques to broaden their skills in exploitation and penetration testing. They will learn to penetrate high security environments by means of advanced persistent threat strategies. The course is intensive and hands on and is taught by seasoned professionals who understand the ins and outs of penetration testing and exploitation. Students learn the ins and outs of attacking and defending a number of high profile and high security environments, including three letter agencies, financial organizations, large companies, and federal organizations.

The course begins with direct instruction and training in attacking heavily secured environments from external environments while working through issues and techniques such as network based IDS IPS, deep packet inspection, and load balancing. Web application attacks follow before the course progresses into attacking from LAN, host based IDS IPS, and locked down work stations before moving onto winning over Active Directory.

The MCITP Server Administrator course provides instruction in systems administration as well as Microsoft local area networking certification. Since Server 2008 has become a standard program in businesses and government structures within the United States, it is necessary for employees to learn how to manage the most up to date server platforms; it is for this reason that the MCSE and MCSA exams are set to be retired, while the MCITP Server Administrator certification is set to take their place. Upon completion of the course, students will be well trained in managing, troubleshooting, and maintaining Windows Server 2008. Through such certification, a student will be able to contribute to optimizing Windows Server 2008.