Cobra Group's 'New Leaders Meeting' plays a pivitol role in developing interpersonal skills

Cobra Group 'New Leaders Meeting' indeed plays a pivitol role in developing interpersonal skills.

Online PR News – 10-June-2011 – – Cobra Group 'New Leaders Meeting' indeed plays a pivitol role in developing interpersonal skills. This time the meeting was held at Cobra Group's head office in Sydney and eventually became the platform where sixteen new leaders participated, engrossed in every training session. The meeting proved to be an informative training session for all.

Cobra Group Vice President, Steve Sapsford, hosted the day, which aimed at providing new leaders from the Prosales Division in Australia an opportunity to up-skill through a range of training workshops and networking opportunities.

Throughout the day, new leaders from the Prosales Division learnt about professional development and leadership from some of the most experienced leaders in the Division, which included Training Development Manager Blake Olsen, Product Owner Darren Wright and many others.

Steve Sapsford had this to say, “With the expansion of Prosales internationally with the FW1 range and the growth of The Beauty Group domestically, we recognise the importance of training our people to provide them with the knowledge and skills to help them get to the next stage in the business. This was our primary focus for the day and I believe these training opportunities are invaluable,”

Several topics were covered during the day to help the new Leaders grasp the tools required to run a successful business. The topics covered included Understanding Your Business, Importance of Statistics, How to be a Great Promoter, and Running Engagement Training.

For Blake Olsen, who posses wide spread experience in rendering training and development, the New Leaders Meeting is a vital component in the growth of the business, as is provides Leaders and prospective Leaders with a clearer direction and motivation as they gain more responsibility.

Blake stated, “We focus a lot of our time and energy on sales, so it's good to dedicate a whole day to encourage personal development and training for these new leaders, who will drive the business even further in the years to come” The program has been so successful involving participants because of the nature of the sessions and the fact that they encompass both theoretical and practical elements.

Overall the day was a great success and all those involved felt there was a lot of value gained from attending and presenting at the meeting. Since the first meeting, held in November 2010, almost 100 Cobra Group Leaders have benefited from the 'New Leaders Meetings', which are held on a monthly basis.

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