Just International Schools Launches India’s 1st Ever Comprehensive International Schools Survey (CI

Just International Schools will be covering all International Schools in India with IGCSE, IB, American, Canadian and other international curriculum through Comprehensive International Schools Survey (CISS).

Online PR News – 10-June-2011 – – Just International Schools has launched India’s first ever Comprehensive International Schools Survey (CISSTM) in association with Connoiseur Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Through this survey, Just International Schools aims to increase awareness about international school education and help parents to select right international curriculum school in India. Many parents spend a lot of time while hunting for the right international school, but often this leads to a lot of dissatisfaction and sometimes even a wrong choice, only after investing a lot of time, effort and money.
Expat parents and parents of Indian origin coming back from other countries to India with children studying in schools will surely benefit from this exercise. The survey has a separate list of questions for parents, teachers, alumni as well as international school authorities (management) thus covering all key stakeholders in international school education. It takes only 10-15 minutes to complete the survey and the survey is designed to extract relevant information about state of international school education in India.
Just International Schools has taken the first of its kind initiative on pan India basis through Comprehensive International Schools Survey (CISSTM) to bring international schools, parents, alumni and teachers a common platform thus creating foundations of a healthy ecosystem. The survey outcome will be transparent as there will be no specific international school or other stakeholders influencing the output. All International Schools following IGCSE, IB, American, Canadian and other International curriculums in India are included in this survey.
According to Ambarish Kumar Verma, founder of Just International Schools states “Today parents are in a dilemma regarding the choice of an international school where their child is imbibed with good values and learns to play and interact with other children across geographies. This need lead to the birth of Just International Schools platform which is only one of its kind in the world. Just International Schools is completely dedicated to international school education and has a global outlook. CISSTM will help bring awareness among parents about international schools which will assist them in selecting the right international school for their children. Respondents profiles and responses will be kept completely anonymous and strictly confidential.”
According to Amitava Sen, Head of Marketing head at Just International Schools “This survey will help teachers of International Schools in India to make a better informed decision while applying to the school they would like to associate themselves with. A school following good study methodology, world class curriculum and well equipped with state of the art teaching aids and tools will ensure the necessary support resources for a teacher. Teachers may have concerns and dissatisfaction while working at a particular school due to insuffient teaching aids, quality of educational curriculum, inappropriate student-teacher ratio and discrimination. These can be some of the good deciding factors for teachers while choosing a school.”
Christy D’Costa the Head of Operations at Just International Schools says “Alumni’s feedback and comments about the school/s they have studied, will throw light on important first hand information for future students. Alumni’s opinions about their International School would provide insights about that school from a past student’s point of view. This will help parents while they are looking for International schools for their children.”
Sometimes parents and teachers shift schools as their expectations are not met, through this survey Just International Schools aims to address these key pain areas, so that international schools can take the feedback in the right spirits and corrective measures can be implemented to conform to truly international standards. A collective opinion from all stakeholders i.e. parents, teachers, alumni and international schools will bring out the comprehensive and overall opinion about the best International schools in terms of teaching methodology, balance of extra-curricular activities, transportation, curriculum offered, quality of teachers, infrastructure and other related factors.
The survey will be open for respondents till August 31st 2011. The final outcome of the survey will be published on Just International Schools website and in select print editions. To participate in this survey please visit Comprehensive International Schools Survey (CISS) page (http://www.justinternationalschools.com/comprehensive-international-schools-survey.html).
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