Money and Marriage Advocate Appeals to Mothers of the Bride

Dr. Taffy Wagner, Certified Educator in Personal Finances and Money and Marriage Advocate calls on Mothers of the Bride to help alleviate financial pitfalls for bride’s marriage.

Online PR News – 07-June-2011 – – Denver, CO -- Wedding season is upon us! Many moms and daughters are putting the finishing touches on the brides Wedding Day. During the wedding planning the bride has turned to her mom over and over again for her advice, recommendations and support. Once the bride gets married, her relationship with her mom will transform to an even deeper relationship thereby becoming best friends.

Wedding planning is filled with creating new memories that will culminate with the wedding. Yet the marriage will lasts a lifetime. Just in time for wedding season, Dr. Taffy Wagner appeals to mothers of the bride with an open letter encouraging them to share with their daughter’s at least one money and marriage lesson that could alleviate some of the most challenging financial pitfalls that happen during marriage.

Mothers of the Bride are invited to read the open letter written to them on . They are also encouraged to share it with other Mothers of the Bride they may know.

Wagner says of her own mother, “When I was preparing for my wedding we were talking constantly on the phone and talking about marriage. Not that I thought it was even possible for our relationship to get even closer, yet we did. We didn’t talk about money and marriage because she had never been married. However, I knew that if I needed her for anything she would be right there”. Mothers have an opportunity like no one else to share this insight with your daughter. Let’s help your daughter’s marriages succeed because of this beginning step that could lead to strategies to attain financial security.

About Taffy Wagner, DMin and Certified Educator in Personal Finances

Dr. Wagner has been interviewed by The Associated Press, AOL Black Voices, US News and World Report, Called Magazine and Woman’s day regarding money and marriage issues. She provides premarital and post-marital financial counseling, conducts seminars on personal finances for individuals, single parents and small groups. Wagner is the financial advisor for and financial columnist for She is available to speak at seminars, conferences and small groups. You can contact her through her site at

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