Ecomajik Companies Opens Texas Office

Specializes in creating allergy and virus free environments for home, office and business.

Online PR News – 08-June-2011 – – Georgetown, Texas -- Ecomajik Companies, a subsidiary of Advertising Majik Corporation, has announced the opening of an office in Georgetown, Texas. Ecomajik Companies specializes in creating allergy and virus free environments for homes, office and business. The company utilizes Space Certified Technology developed for NASA and manufactured by Dallas based Vollara Inc. to kill all allergens, bacteria, mold and viruses naturally and without harmful chemicals.

Two peer review scientific studies conducted by the University of Cincinnati and Kansas State University have validated the companies claims. Their products kill all known viruses including H1N1, MRSA, STAPH, E-Coli, CDIF and Anthrax in the air AND on surfaces. They also remove all allergens, bacterias and mold from the air using the same natural elements found in sunshine and thunderstorms.

"Our products are especially useful for childcare and daycare centers as well as doctors offices, veterinarians and even haircare and nail salons as the technology also removes all odors, even powerful odors like ammonia, often within minutes." noted C. Frederick Braun, company CEO. "The best news is it is affordable with total home and office systems generally costing below $1,000. It is a great investment for the health of your family, employees or customers." he added.

Ecomajik will soon be opening a product showroom. Until then interested customers can test drive the products at no obligation for five days in their home or office.

"There is very little selling in our business," Braun noted. "Once people experience this technology in their home for a few days, they can't imagine ever being without it." he added.

C. Frederick Braun
Ecomajik Companies
1102 South Austin Ave Suite 110-197
Georgetown, TX 78626
512-222-PURE (7873)