R&D Diet Cookie Announces - Combining Diet Plans Works Better Than Individual Plans

Study results show that dieters who used the R&D Diet Cookies to supplement their diets lost more weight than the dieters who did not use the cookies. Also, the R&D Diet Cookie users were all able to stay on their diets throughout the course of the study compared to a high attrition rate of dieters who did not use the cookies.

Online PR News – 07-June-2011 – – R&D Diet Cookie™ initiated a study in 2010 to evaluate the effectiveness of their diet program compared to (1) a strict low carb program (Atkins™) and (2) a combination of the two programs. They also compared Weight Watchers and NutriSystem diets with and without the additional help of R&D Diet Cookies.

“Based on user reports, there was some evidence that combining an atkins-type diet with the R&D Cookie Diet was more effective than either diet alone” says Dorothy Palmer, Research Scientist with R&D Diet Cookie. “If that is true, we wanted to find out for sure and pass that information on to our customers”.

“The full results will be published by the end of the month” says Ms. Palmer, “but I am excited about what we are seeing so far”. The most profound findings were in the dieters who were on Weight Watchers® or NutriSystems®. The participants on either diet who used the R&D Diet Cookies not only lost more weight but they stayed on their diets until the end of the study. All participants filled out a “Quality of Life” survey and the dieters who used the R&D Diet Cookies stated that their dieting experience was easier with the use of the cookies. “It didn’t really surprise me” claims Ms. Palmer. “I believe the dieters using the R&D Diet Cookies lost more weight simply because the cookies allowed them to stay on their diet whereas the dieters who went on Weight Watchers or NutriSystem alone were unable to stick to their diet until the end of the study.
We saw similar results with the dieters on Atkins with and without the R&D Diet Cookies. The dieters using the cookies were able to remain on their diets throughout the course of the study. It will be interesting to find out if there was a greater weight loss with any particular diet. Those results will be available in the final report”.

R&D Diet Cookie™ is a weight loss program that promotes rapid weight loss. “There is nothing more motivating than seeing the pounds fall off when you weigh” says Ms. Palmer. “If you are otherwise healthy, the cookie is designed to replace daytime meals… breakfast, lunch and snacks. They contribute about 400 calories total and completely eliminate hunger and cravings. The hardest part”, she claims, “is convincing yourself that losing weight quickly is OK”.

Their website http://www.RandDDietCookie.com describes the cookies as being good for you. “… packed with the best, high quality protein blends, fiber, and good carbs, low in sodium, naturally low in cholesterol, and an excellent source of Omega 3’s and Vitamin E.” The effectiveness, claims Ms. Palmer, is the combination of the amino acids and proteins they use, the fiber, and the absence of any ingredient that promotes hunger. “Of course, you don’t have to go on a very low calorie diet in order for the cookies to work” claims Ms. Palmer. “We now have proof that the cookies can benefit any diet out there.” They can be used as a snack that will take away hunger and cravings allowing you to stick to your diet. Ultimately, that is the most important benefit of the cookies.

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