Offline Meeting Recording and Playback with Banckle Online Meeting

Banckle Online Meeting now enables you to download the offline meeting recordings on your local file system. You can use any FLV player to playback and share your meeting recordings with anyone by uploading FLV to popular video sharing websites.

Online PR News – 07-June-2011 – – Other than conducting online webinars and web conferences; Banckle Online Meeting now supports offline recording (downloadable meeting recordings) feature. Your previous online meeting sessions were saved on Banckle’s secure data centers and streamed to you when needed. But now you can download the online meeting recordings on your local file system. It's been integrated seamlessly with the existing online recording, so you don't have to make any extra steps to use this offline recording. You just start recording as usual, and we'll prepare a universal accepted .FLV file for you when the meeting/recording ends.

Once the recording is downloaded, you can use your favorite FLV player to playback. Since you can upload FLV to popular video sharing websites, so you now can share your meeting recordings in any way you want. And also you can archive the recordings per your own data safety standard. We always try our best to make sure you can always get your data, use your data, and own your data, freely. We hope you will enjoy this great freedom by using offline recording feature by Banckle Online Meeting.

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