Military Type Rugged Portable Computer with 17” display and supports 400Hz Power Supply!!

Ajax Sys. Introduces the new rugged portable that supports a 14-slot backplane and 60-400Hz power in a low cost military-type computer.

Online PR News – 07-June-2011 – – The AP-X9H is a military type computer that supports 400Hz power and a 14 slot backplane. The design of this computer is perfect for portability and was also built to have better success at meeting the stringent weatherization and ruggedization specifications required by the military and some industries such as oil drilling, coal mining, food processing as well as manufacturing in general. Reinforced with rubber bumpers, it helps withstand demanding weather conditions. It features a 17” LCD panel with a full keyboard w/ touchpad/trackball that is perfectly fit for its “portable lunchbox” size. Every portable computer includes a motherboard and a power supply. These two features are highly important when trying to build a reliable workstation. The motherboard is the main component of every computer. It allows data to be transferred between all of the other components. The beauty of this specific computer is its ability to take in 60-400Hz of power to be distributed to the computer providing you with a powerful workstation to support high density applications. It includes a 14-slot backplane which allows you to have a variety of slots embedded onto your motherboard. Filtered ventilation fans prevent airborne dust particles from being drawn into the chassis and 2 x are included in this powerful server. These fans are featured to draw cooler air into the case from the outside to expel all of the warm air from inside which keeps the unit within a specified temperature range to prevent overheating, instability, malfunction and damage. This typically elongates the life span of the computer and keeps it from major damage.
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