Announces a Cure For The Yips
05/19/2009, in conjunction with GolferWithin, announces the release of their hypnosis downloads to cure the yips quickly and easily.

Online PR News – 19-May-2009 – – Douglas, Isle of Man 18th May 2009 .today announced the release of two different hypnosis downloads which will help cure the yips in golf. These golf hypnosis recordings work on two specific areas of the game - putting and chipping. These are the two areas of the game in which many golfers suffer, and Roseanna Leaton, author of the GolferWithin series of mental golf training cds and downloads, has responded to popular demand in developing these powerful recordings to cure the yips .

"A library full of books on the sporting mind as well as time spent with accredited golf psychologists still didn't quite get me into my ideal sporting performance state. Then I was asked to listen to some CD's produced by Roseanna. For the first time in my search the impact was not only massive but immediate. I would strongly advice any golfer who's serious about improving their game to get involved in Roseanna's CD presentation and see the immediate results" says Paul Eales, European Tour winner and Setanta TV Golf Reporter.

The GolferWithin recordings utilize the most powerful hypnosis and NLP techniques to access the golfer's subconscious mind and thus their automatic thought processes. In learning to think in a different way, new and powerful physical reactions are triggered. The old fears and worries about yipping are replaced with a deep rooted expectation that you will putt and chip smoothly and easily. All this is achieved by just listening to a golf hypnosis download which is available from the website.

As Roseanna says "the problem is not your putter, it is the instructions which you are giving it that causes the issue. I think that every golfer knows this but does not know how to change those destructive thoughts". And so Roseanna has now released these Cure the Yips hypnosis recordings to enable golfers worldwide to find a cure for the yips simply and quickly in the comfort of their own home.

GolferWithin was developed by Roseanna three years ago as a result of her own passion for golf. As a psychologist and hypnotherapist with 20 years experience in clinical practice, Roseanna was in a perfect position to combine her expertise and hobby in producing these recordings with professionals and amateurs both use. The "Mental skills toolkit" of eight cds is now available by download as well as in hard copy via the website. The cure your yips recordings are only available in download format.

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