LeadMaster Bolsters Lead Management Solution With Speak2Leads Voice Response Technology

Speak2Leads Increases Lead Management Value by Creating Instant Phone Connections With Incoming Leads, Boosting Conversion Rates

Online PR News – 07-June-2011 – – Speak2Leads Increases Lead Management Value by Creating Instant Phone Connections With Incoming Leads, Boosting Conversion Rates

Speak2Leads (S2L), the leading provider of lead response management services, and LeadMaster, a leading provider of lead management, CRM and sales force automation solutions, today announced an agreement for LeadMaster to incorporate Speak2Leads’ lead response management service into its solution offerings. LeadMaster clients and partners will now have the opportunity to activate the S2L Lead Response Management service within their LeadMaster solution, enabling immediate phone connection with incoming Internet leads.

LeadMaster delivers tangible benefits to sales, marketing and call center teams through its web-based LeadMaster solutions, which enable companies to close the loop between marketing and sales, and provide top-notch Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The S2L Lead Response Management service helps businesses close more sales by immediately connecting companies with their incoming Internet leads by phone – providing competitive advantage and increasing conversion rates. As a result of the agreement, LeadMaster is enhancing its lead management solution by offering the ability to connect sales representatives and incoming Internet leads immediately by phone, using S2L technology.

“The S2L Lead Response Management service is a perfect fit for how the LeadMaster system works. It’s an elegant offering that works so easily a user can set it up,” said Andy Brownell, chief marketing officer for LeadMaster. “Speak2Leads removes any excuse for why a lead is never contacted – it’s hard to ignore a phone call. With lead management and time to lead being critical, the S2L Lead Response Management service is a perfect addition for getting the most value out of your leads.”

The agreement expands Speak2Leads’ sales channel, providing LeadMaster clients and partners with the opportunity to instantly reach incoming leads by phone, helping close more sales by connecting companies with their prospects before the competition. In addition, the S2L service automatically updates the LeadMaster CRM solution and notifies sales managers when Internet leads haven’t been reached by phone.

“Our agreement with LeadMaster provides an exciting opportunity to broaden the Speak2Leads sales channel, immediately connecting LeadMaster clients and partners with their hot leads – which has become a vital part of successful sales efforts,” said Sammy James, CEO for Speak2Leads. “The S2L Lead Response Management service and LeadMaster solutions are an instinctive fit for companies looking to increase the value of their incoming leads.”

About LeadMaster

LeadMaster’s on-demand customizable SaaS solutions combine sales lead management software, lead tracking solutions, sales force automation tools (SFA), customer relationship management features (Sales CRM), LeadMaster Voice solutions and virtual call center solutions. This powerful web-based application has helped companies large and small from virtually every industry.

LeadMaster products and services are available through a global network of value-added resellers, consultants and system integrators.

About Speak2Leads

San Diego-based Speak2Leads is a leading global provider of Internet lead response management services for small and medium businesses. Its simple, web-based lead response service allows organizations to immediately respond and follow up with their Internet leads during their peak point of interest – resulting in increased sales.