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Online PR News – 07-June-2011 – – To get a better design,we need to understand our medium. Yet in this technological era there are many people who do not understand web design. Among them can be found our most distinguished business and cultural leaders who may have a profound grasp on design except that for a web design.

So what is WEB DESIGN then?
Web Design is not a poster or book design. Neither is it the games and videos that we generally perceive to be the above. Instead they are examples of game design or story telling.

Web design is the creation of digital environments that facilitate and encourage human activity; reflect or adapt to individual voices and content; and change gracefully over time while always retaining their identity which is most well done at Profit By Search,a well established Indian SEO Company.

Web Designing at Profit By Outsourcing,an arm of Profit By Search,SEO Services India, for web designing and development specializes in PHP Programming, ASP.Net Programming, AJAX Programming, RoR Programming, Custom programmed Content Management & E-Commerce Solutions/ Open source Customized Content Management & E-Commerce Solutions, Web 2.0 Designing ( 100% table less or div based designs) developed in xhtml / css as per the w3c guidelines and Rich Internet Applications (RIA's) are applications built using Adobe Flash Flex AIR Action Script, Adobe Flex, Adobe Flex(AIR), Microsoft Silverlight, Sun JAVAFX & AJAX and Web 2.0 Application Development.

Profit By Outsourcing caters to its partners with two sub-contracts- First,the clients can hire their own set of programmers and designers from this SEO company India. Second,they can sub-contract their web design and development requirements to Profit By Outsourcing on a project basis which is an arm of the SEO services providing company in India,Profit By Search.
Although a great site design is completely individual, it is also a great deal like other site designs that perform similar functions. The same is true of great magazine and newspaper layouts, which differ from banal magazine and newspaper layouts in a hundred subtle details. Few celebrate great magazine layouts, yet millions consciously or unconsciously appreciate them, and nobody laments that they are not posters. The experienced web designer,which is an arm of the SEO company providing SEO services in India creates pages that are distinctive, natural, brand-appropriate, subtly memorable, and quietly but unmistakably engaging.