Busted! Anti Electronic Cigarette Groups Big Pharm Funding Revealed

Huge Conflict of Interest Exposed as Public Health Groups Protect Big Pharm Profits

Online PR News – 15-December-2009 – – Groups such as ASH International and Tobacco Free Kids maintain the electronic cigarettes is unhealthy and a 'gateway into smoking' for youngsters.

And they have ignored the respected scientists who believe the product to be a lifeline for millions of addicted smokers.

Now one electronic cigarette company claims these groups are bankrolled by the same pharmaceutical companies whose profits are threatened by innovative new product.

The same company, UK based E Cigarette Direct, has published the details of the financial links on their website.

Jean Rasbridge, MD of E Cigarette Direct, stated:

"If people stop smoking and switch to electronic cigarettes, no-one will buy nicotine cessation aids.

"No wonder these companies are funding the lies being made against the electronic cigarettes."


One group, ASH international, has even smeared scientists who defend the electronic cigarette with claims they have been bought off by the electronic cigarette industry.

Yet they failed to disclose the funding they had received from Pfizer, the manufacturer of suicide drugs Chantix and Champix.

"Scientists at the TobaccoHarmReduction.org project recently carried out research for us for free," said Jean.

"They did it because they are passionate about helping smokers.

"That's something these fanatically ant-tobacco health groups will never understand."

To view the full list of funds see Anti Electronic Cigarette Campaign Funding Revealed.

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