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Website from Canada voted as #1 by the Construction Industry Top 10 List for their crown molding and other products.

Online PR News – 07-June-2011 – – A leading store for the choicest crown molding products, decorative corbels, and ceiling medallions, has just been rated as the #1 website in the niche by the construction industry. This is no random list – it was prepared based on the votes each website received from consumers and industry experts. The website received 308 votes and was ranked at top position in the “Construction Industry Top 10 List.” Consumers, visitors, and homeowners from coast to coast loved the website and the products they offered. This is sure to enhance the visibility of the website, and make the business even more appealing among its target consumer base.

The business is based out of British Columbia, Canada, and offers a huge stock of trim and millwork and polyurethane crown molding products. In fact, there are more than 7,000 items the homeowners can select from at the store. But, it is not only about how many products are being offered. Just browse through the items on display and you will be convinced about the product quality. On display is an extensive selection of fiberglass columns, ceiling medallions, decorative corbels, and the many more architectural items. These days, the consumers have become extremely quality conscious. They would never have voted the website so highly, if they didn’t believe that the items on offer were of the best standards.

Installing exterior crown molding products is a great way to enhance the beauty of the home, and that too, without spending too much money. Architectural molding items don’t really cost a lot of money, but the effect can be fantastic. And, in fact, the cost is actually much less when compared to resurfacing the entire outside of the home. The home improvement project can be completed easily, and in less time too.

There are a lot of options being offered by The products are available in various designs and sizes. There are individuals who don’t want something elaborate and flashy. For them, there are simple yet sophisticated designs. Then there are those that are designed in leaves and flowers, and those in abstract lines. Some products at the store are intricately carved too. There is actually so much option to choose from that all homeowners will find something that they will like here. But it is essential to remember that the homeowner must select something that goes with the overall look of the home and also the surroundings.

The website is also stocking polyurethane or fiberglass exterior crown molding. These items such as decorative corbels, ceiling domes, and so forth last for many more years, and there’s no need for any scraping, priming, or painting every few years. It is as versatile as wood, and there is almost no maintenance.

About The domain is owned by Profile Supply Company of Canada. The business is based out of British Columbia in Canada and Sumas Washington. Though the business is mainly into distribution, but now, the company is offering their products directly to the consumers. The business concentrates in the USA and the markets in Canada. For more information about the crown molding items and the business, please visit

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