New eBook turns your phone into a weight loss support companion

eBook promises the inside scoop on top ten free, practical Android apps that will transform your Android device into a lifestyle tool

Online PR News – 08-June-2011 – – Taipei, Taiwan, 6 June, 2011 – MetaPlume announces Top Ten Free Android Apps for Weight Loss, a new eBook for everyone who is sick of weight loss books! This eBook was put together after extensive testing of free fitness and weight loss Android apps. The top ten were chosen (actually 9 apps and one tip) that together cover the gambit of what you need to get a grip on in order to achieve weight loss. Gimmicky “facts” are replaced with a solid but witty explanation of how to arm yourself, via your Android mobile phone (or tablet), with information and tools that are actually useful.

Everyone has a mobile phone on them all the time these days and so if you want to make weight loss a priority, why not use the gadget in your pocket to keep you accountable and motivated? These top apps at your fingertips will give you exercise routines, healthy recipes, planning, progress reports, in fact everything from yoga asanas and quick work outs, to weight training, cardio, calorie counting, ab focus, motivation and even keeping track of water consumption.

“I wanted to put together an eBook that would show people how they can turn their phones into real lifestyle tools,” explained the author, Fiona Gatt. “Smartphones are so much more than just mobile phones, we all know that, but really setting a phone up with a specific lifestyle purpose is so much easier if someone has already tested out all the apps for you.”

The Top Ten Free Android Apps for Weight Loss eBook is suitable for anyone with a mobile phone or tablet that runs the Google Android operating system. The list of manufacturers and models that this includes is exhaustive and includes the HTC Desire, HTC Inspire 4G, Motorola Atrix 4G, Samsung Epic 4G, HTC ThunderBolt, Motorola DROID, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Zoom and many others.

The eBook is available now from Amazon for USD2.99*. The eBook is also available on other leading websites such as Smashwords and It can be downloaded to your Android phone or tablet where you can click through to the Android Market to download the apps straight from the eBook.

About the author

Fiona Gatt has worked in the tech industry for over a decade and has extensive experience writing guides on computing products for end users. Ironically, Fiona’s academic training is in history, politics, fiction writing and editing; the career in IT was somewhat of an accident. Like everybody, Fiona lives and works with technology without ever apparently having decided to do so. This gives her writing style a unique inside angle tempered with accessible language, which she peppers with humor to help bridge the gap between inside industry knowledge and the real world application of tech.

About the publisher

Established in March 2008, MetaPlume is a fast-growing global digital marketing company with operations in the UK, Australia, India, and Taiwan.

The company offers a broad spectrum of website design and development, digital content creation, digital content promotion, and digital content services. This includes the fast production, publication and promotion of eBooks.

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