WdB USA Introduces an Innovative Approach to Thermal Insulation on Commercial and Residential HVAC Applications.

WdB USA presents a new product to help improve efficiency and decrease cost in HVAC installations.

Online PR News – 19-May-2009 – – Finding the ideal component to insulate cooper or plastic pipes is always a challenge for those in the construction industry. But, with its recent release of Termosplit - a new thermal protector for heat sensitive fluids - WdB USA is making progressive strides in thermal insulation and making the choice for installers easier.

Termosplit is ASTM E 84 tested. Compared to its “foam links” alternative, Termosplit’s smaller dimensions provide an easier and more cost effective installation while at the same time preventing damages that jeopardize thermal protection performance, and therefore making it the perfect product for those seeking a more effective way to insulate cooper or any AC tubing.

Termosplit is water-repellent, weather resistant, and prevents dryness and loss of efficiency, after a short period of time, compared to its “foam link” alternative. It requires no additional protection thus drastically reducing the cost of installation and maintenance, while at the same time providing top quality, energy saving thermal protection. Termosplit can also be painted to match surrounding environment.

WdB USA is a manufacturing company located in Charleston, SC which specializes in flexible ducting, ventilation systems, and grilles. Learn more about their products at www.wdbducts.com.