REINSTE – Launches finest grade Carbon Nanotubes - CNTs in India

Our company Reinste Nanoventures Pvt.Ltd supply wide range of nanomaterials in India. Following is the list of nanomaterials supply by us in India or out of india also. We Will definitely benefit you in your quest for quality products. We are the suppliers and wholesalers of building materials.

Online PR News – 08-June-2011 – – DELHI, INDIA - 6th June 2011:
Reinste has launched finest research and industrial grade singlewall ( SWCNTs) and multiwall carbon nanotubes ( MWCNTs) with more than 99% purity. Reinste is now the official CNT supplier in India and also offers functionalized multi walled CNT’s which are very useful for varied applications in various industries.
From USD 1243 million in 2009 the global market of CNTs grows about 28% to make the market worth around USD 1604 million in 2010. Indian market although is at a very nascent stage in terms of the usage of CNT in commercial applications, but now with the availability of finest grade CNTs the applications is poised to get a major boost said Mr. Puneet Mehrotra, Director – Reinste Nano Ventures.
Indian industries is going to benefit from CNT applications in the following fields
Air and Water Filtration
Biomedical Applications
Catalyst Supports
Ceramic Applications
Conductive Adhesives
Conductive Plastics
Energy Storage
Fibers and Fabrics
Field Emission Applications
Investment casting
Metal Molding
Molecular Electronics
Structural Composites
Thermal Conductivity
Thermal Materials

Properties of CNTs supplied by Reinste

High Electrical Conductivity
Very High Tensile Strength
Highly Flexible- can be bent considerably without damage
Very Elastic ~18% elongation to failure
High Thermal Conductivity
Low Thermal Expansion Coefficient
Good Field Emission of Electrons
High Aspect Ratio (length = ~1000 x diameter)
Reinste also bring the finest and purest form of nano materials and allied products like:-
• Nanodiamonds
• Nano wires
• Nano metals
• Oxides / Non Oxide nano ceramics
• Fullerenes
• Quantum dots
• PEG Derivatives
• Tectomers
• Phosphonic Acid Derivatives

About REINSTE (website: Reinste Nano Ventures emphases the significance of purest Nanomaterials with uniform composition free from any adulterants for class research and production purposes. In Reinste Nano ventures we ardently believe that innovation and differentiation are the fundamental components of growth and enlightenment of any organization. It also fulfills custom synthesis orders of Nano materials.

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