Carol Tuttle Launches the Online Chakra Test

Master energy therapist and alternative psychotherapist, Carol Tuttle, MRET, has launched a free online Chakra test.

Online PR News – 05-June-2011 – – Beaverton– Master energy therapist and alternative psychotherapist, Carol Tuttle, MRET, has launched a free online Chakra test. It allows any individual in just 3 minutes to understand the energy ecosystem of their body and how they can gain a healthy chakra balance.

A chakra is believed to a small disc of energy that resides within the human body. Different chakras correspond to different spiritual dimensions of the soul. When these chakras lose their healthy balance, our lives are affected physically, emotionally and spiritually. Therefore, it is crucial that all chakras remain equally strong and within a balanced state to have the maximum positive impact on our lives.

Carol Tuttle has been working in the field of spiritual healing since 1989. She has helped numerous people not only to recognize their spirit truth but to reconnect with their life purpose. Carol Tuttle is widely recognized as a leader in domain of Energy Psychology, Emotional Freedom Technique and Energy Medicine. It has been her vast experience across various countries that led her to recognize the need for people to identify the state that their chakras might be in and to find a way to regain balance. This is what led Carol to developing a simple and easy to use online test that can be accessed by anyone in need of energy healing.

Anyone who feel dissatisfied with life, has been experiencing relationship or job related problems and anyone who wants to reconnect with their larger life goal is likely to benefit from this online chakra test at

By taking the online chakra test, anyone can identify their weak chakras and go on to learn more about how they can strengthen these chakras with the help of Carol Tuttle and her most tried and tested methods to regain a happy, healthy and balanced life.

About Carol Tuttle: Carol Tuttle, MRET, has dedicated her life to helping people regain the energy within themselves in order to lead a more healthy and happy life. She has helped thousands of people identify the stumbling blocks in their lives as well as the ways to gain the spiritual energy to overcome them. She is a widely recognized master energy therapist, alternative psychotherapist, author and speaker.

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