Ipad newsletter launches with the chance to win an Ipad

Ipad newsletter launches with a chance to win an Ipad, to generate publicity the newsletter is offering the chance to win an Ipad with $100 itunes gift card.

Online PR News – 05-June-2011 – – Imagine an Ipad newsletter whereby subscribed members are constantly reminded on the availability of fantastic Ipad and accessories such as the Ipad 2, that are exclusively selected for them to obtain for FREE, as soon as they become available? Great gadget accessories like the Ipad are constantly used by companies trying to test their potential consumers reaction to their products and services.
This is precisely what the guys at funwebsites.info/freestuff2 have done, and have made firm relationships with many software companies giving away free Ipad and other Ipad accessories, and making it possible for subscribers to be notified instantly when a fantastic FREE opportunity to win gadgets like the Ipad becomes available.
The FREE Ipad and Ipad accessories range from the Ipad 2, Itunes giftcards, iphones, and a whole lot more Ipad accessories.
The only requirement are that subscribers are located in the US to able to take advantage of the fantastic free Ipad, and Ipad accessories offers currently, and in the future.
To gain publicity about their FREE Ipad newsletter, they are publicising the chance to win an Ipad with $100 Itunes gift card, we all know how great it is to be able to download your favorite tracks on itunes to your Ipod.
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