Relationship Advisor Launches Site for Troubled Souls Who Say I Want My Ex Back

Noted relationship counselor Sarah Hesketh has launched an online resource to help deliver advice and encouragement to troubled lovers across the world.

Online PR News – 06-June-2011 – – With the launch of her new site, relationship advisor Sarah Hesketh is seeking to expand the reach of her advisory service, so that no matter where in the world the broken heart is located, Sarah can help them with well placed advice. With her online presence, Sarah will be able to lend her support to women and men, and with her information repository, empower those who are thinking to themselves, I want my Ex back, to understand how to handle their predicament and how to cope with the situation. Ultimately, the goal is formulate the requisite steps to be able to get the relationship back on track again.

Couples often find it difficult to manage the dynamics of a troubled relationship, and when a split takes place, many begin to experience what they perceive to be a cataclysmic event, as if life itself has come to a standstill. Some will abruptly pull away from their daily routine, a process that of course exacerbates the situation because not only does this act fail to remedy the relationship, but it also gradually destroys their sense of self worth, and over time, it is detrimental to one's physical and emotional well being. Left unchecked, this behaviour could lead to individuals deviating profoundly from their normal self and nothing good ever comes out of this type of downward spiral.

Individuals with a good support structure consisting of family and friends often are able to cope best with their respective situations. Unfortunately, the predominant advice that individuals receive are along the lines of moving on, breaking up for good, dumping the loser, and other non reconciling thoughts. It's the easy way out, and people are good at dispensing those types of advice, but not so good ate crafting advice on how to salvage, repair and nurture an ailing relationship. Many are clueless about where to begin and what to do and often end up making the situation worse with their well intentioned but poorly planned attempt to reconcile.

This is where the value of Sarah's advice comes in. Her myriad thoughts on how to pursue reconciliation are encapsulated in her new site, aptly named Through her carefully prepared articles and compilations, Sarah is able to dispense real answers to those who say, I want my ex back. Sarah’s site offers a comprehensive look at techniques that have helped others in the past. Those who require assistance on the proper way to save their relationship will do well to visit to Sarah’s site, which has helped countless others to understand how to get their ex back.

"Many believe that mending a relationship is simply a matter of calling their ex and demanding reconciliation, usually accompanied by less than convincing attempts to place value on the relationship itself. Unfortunately, this rarely works, and may in fact make things worse. There is a better path to reconciliation, for those screaming I want my ex back, and we show troubled souls how this can be accomplished,” notes Sarah Hesketh, the relationship advisor powering the site

Sarah Hesketh is the advisor behind, an online site that dispenses relationship advice to women and men across the world, particularly to those who value their relationship and would like to take steps to mend it.

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