WhiteSmoke Translator Company Wants you to Ignore All Virus Allegations

WhiteSmoke Inc. defends its reputation as against rumors of a WhiteSmoke Translator virus harming all personal computers.

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WhiteSmoke Inc. defends its reputation as against rumors of a WhiteSmoke Translator virus harming all personal computers.

June 4, 2011 – Recently, WhiteSmoke Inc.’s customer support center has been fielding a number of phone calls from concerned customers, all regarding one topic – a WhiteSmoke Translator virus.

Customers are being warned through online forums that the WhiteSmoke translation programs contain viruses, and interested individuals are being turned off from WhiteSmoke’s English writing software because reviews are telling them to be aware of a virus that will enter their computer, corrupt data and send personal information through cyberspace.

How WhiteSmoke Inc. checks for security concerns regarding their Translator programs:
• Call in software engineers and developers and question them about their procedure to check all programs for viruses before sending them out.
• Allow top antivirus companies to come in and check their entire procedure for any hint of a WhiteSmoke Translator virus.
• Wait for an official report from antivirus companies ensuring that there are no viruses in their programs.
• Publish an official report for customers to read over and field all phone calls in regards to said report which tells clients that all WhiteSmoke grammar check programs are virus-free.

WhiteSmoke has verified conclusively that there is, nor ever was, a virus associated with WhiteSmoke Translator. Any rumors concerning the topic are and were false. WhiteSmoke Translator is a 100% virus free, superior translating product.

With WhiteSmoke Translator currently being sold in more than 70 markets worldwide, plus a professional team of software developers and engineers developing the best in translation technologies, WhiteSmoke is difficult to compete with. The program is chock full of great features that other companies just cannot reach, including:
• A grammar checker
• A specialized grammar explanation feature to inform you of the various rules associated with the language's grammar
• A style checker to enhance sentences and sentence structure
• A dictionary and thesaurus
• A spell checker program
• Document and letter templates
• One-click full-text translation capabilities

Don't miss out on all the benefits WhiteSmoke translator has to offer because of misplaced rumors. Now that you have the truth, you can safely and objectively choose your preferred translation tool today.