Two Artists, One Name, One Exhibit ...

A little history about .The paintings. Surrealism, abstractionism, cubism and eroticism. Two artists by the same name. Father and son.

Online PR News – 04-June-2011 – – Nicolae Vasilescu has created and released a permanent online art exhibit , a website which takes the art collector in front of a wide collection of surrealist, Abstract ,impressionist and erotic original oil paintings. is based in Canada .There are over sixty paintings to view. This number will increase with time. This is a father and son art exhibit . Two artists with the same name . The entire collection went from impressionism in the beginning towards Surrealism ,abstractionism ,cubism and Eroticism. Some which are in private collections .Some which can be acquired . The website was built in summer of 2008 . It has seen many positive changes over the years .It is constantly being updated to make room for more paintings . New paintings are added almost monthly. Quality and originality is the main focus . Mediums used are mainly oil paint on canvas or wood and sometimes with gold . Nicolae Vasilescu is the owner of the website . Both Nicolae Vasilescu and Nicolae Vasilescu junior works are exhibited on the website. Nicolae Vasilescu was born in Constanta Romania in 1946 . Nicolae Vasilescu junior was born in Constanta Romania in 1979. Nicolae Vasilescu started painting at the age of 10. At age 14, won a children art competition . Indira Gandhi presented him with a gold medal. At the age of 15 attended The Bucharest College Of Art. He was a Visual Arts Teacher in Asbestos and Danville (Quebec) for three years. He has over 50 years experience as an artist in Romania, Italy, Quebec and Ontario .He exhibited his works in many different places in Canada. Some of them are Musee Laurier (Quebec) for three months and Galerie Christin (Toronto) for six years. Private art collectors are mainly from United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, Greece and Romania. Nicolae Vasilescu junior is a self-taught artist . Most of Decebal Art Gallery website is in English and French. Contact information is available at and in this article . We thank in advance all visitors who will appreciate or criticize the many surrealist ,abstract, impressionist, erotic, cubist, still life and landscape paintings available at
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