Rust Problems on West Deptford's Water Supply; Rusterizer Offers Help to Prevent Other Rust Problems

Rust formation often occurs in a water supply system. To help homeowners avoid that problem and other rust damages, MyCleaningProduct launched the 100% organic Rusterizer.

Online PR News – 06-June-2011 – – The water tanks of West Deptford are currently under the attack of rust. To bring the water back to normal, officials are flushing the north end of the town's water supply network. The problem is that the process has to continue for several nights and residents can do nothing but wait.

Apart from water tanks, rust can also attack water pipes and other iron metal items at home. To prevent this more personal contact with the metallic corrosion, launched its green rust removal spray called Rusterizer.

The product is made of organic ingredients making it safe for indoor and even outdoor use. As said by its creators, it is 100% toxic-free and rated number one in lab tests as the safest rust remover in the market.

“Our customers can use rusterizer in almost any surface. Whether in wood, stone, fiberglass, plastic or concrete, rusterizer will work. And they don't have to do any scrubbing. They just have to spray, wait for at least 30 seconds and their rust problem will be gone. That easy!” said Markus Skupeika, CEO of MyCleaningProducts.

With its effectiveness in just a matter of seconds, the green rust remover is promising an easy removal process. And since it is made of organic ingredients, MyCleaningProducts is also assuring its customers a chemical-free rust treatment.

“Rusterizer can make rust removal easy for anybody. More than that, it can make the otherwise health-risky treatment safe. There are no products like it in the market today. And with how fast it effectively works, our customers can spend more time to things other than just rust removing.” added Skupeika.

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