is ready to bump up the economy
06/06/2011 is Ready to Bump up the U.S. Economy for Many Innovative Enterpreneurs.

Online PR News – 06-June-2011 – – is Ready to Pump Up the U.S. Economy for Many Innovative Entrepreneurs
This New Site is an Antidote for These Difficult Economic Times
NEW YORK CITY, June 5, 2011 – With rumblings of doom and gloom in the business world, is a breath of fresh air. It is refreshing because this site was designed for MLM entrepreneurs to learn essential marketing and networking skills and utilize these techniques in developing their own business in telecommunications. Why telecommunications? Because the average household spends between $350 and $550 per month on services like cable TV, smartphones, IPads, DSL service, texting, and home security. So, if you could start your new business by directing these products and services through “your own company”, as well as business from a few other customers, then you have a viable business that resulted from money that you and your customers were already spending.
Concerning “your own company”, does not expect you to re-invent the wheel – quite the contrary. Instead, this MLM site recommends that you use your new found knowledge and skills with Triniti Communications as an independent rep. Triniti, which is an affiliate to, is a next-generation, digital communications, entertainment, automation and security company. Very soon, Triniti will be launching a revolutionary portable HD IPTV Service called Nuclius℠ and a new cell phone company called Spirit℠ with the option of unlimited global calling with Spirit World! Coming sooner, Triniti will be launching Destina™ Broadband for 99.9% reliable internet service. Currently Triniti offers a premium VOIP Phone Service, with free international calling to your choice of Europe or Asia, called GeneSys™ Digital Phone. In Triniti’s “pre-launch stage”( like now), the company is paying $200 for each rep that you add to your team, in anticipation of its spectacular nationwide launch in July, 2011.
So, “your own company” can be a pleasant reality by taking advantage of the educational and business affiliate links available on Do your part in stimulating your income and the U.S. economy: go to or