Next-Generation ThinVNC Access Point Delivers Unique Web Access to LAN Computers through RDP

Cybele Software, Inc. releases the new ThinVNC Access Point, providing remote users an HTML5 Remote Desktop access point to any PC within the corporate LAN/WAN via a secure HTTPS/Websockets connection

Online PR News – 06-June-2011 – – Wilmington, DE, June 03, 2011 - Cybele Software, Inc. announces the release of ThinVNC Access Point, a leading edge software tool that provides a single entry point for Remote Desktop access to any PC in the corporate LAN using a secure, firewall-friendly connection.

With ThinVNC Access Point, users gain an expanded range of telecommunicating and remote communication options. The HTML5-to-RDP Gateway allows users with an Internet connection and an HTML5 Web Browser to access business computers through an intuitive Web user interface. ThinVNC Access Point elevates business communication to a whole new level by allowing users to share their full Windows Desktop, or a single application in it, while using their preferred tablet, laptop, or computer.

ThinVNC Access Point ensures that IT personnel retain control of security and access. After completing a credentialed log in, system administrators designate PC(s) in the LAN/WAN as accessible on a user-by-user basis. Users select the computer to access through a secure HTTPS address.

ThinVNC Access Point comes with a Remote Installation Tool that allows IT personnel easily complete installation. After installation, IT personnel can access the PC at all times through a Wake-on-LAN link. This feature streamlines routine maintenance tasks and ensures that emergency situations can be handled in an efficient and timely manner.

ThinVNC Access Point Highlights

* Single access point for Remote Desktop access to any PC in the LAN

* ThinVNC bridge extends ThinVNC to allow access through just one public IP address

* HTML5-to-RDP gateway allows access to any Windows PC or RDP server from a HTML5-compliant web browser

* Secure (HTTPS / WebSockets+SSL) firewall-friendly access point

* Web user interface for users and PCs administration

* Windows Login Support

* Remote Installation Tool allows for easy ThinVNC setup on a remote PC

* Wake-On-LAN (WOL) link enables administrators to remotely turn on any listed PCs

ThinVNC Access Point Requirements

* Any PC with Windows XP and higher

* ThinVNC running on any PC with Wndows XP and higher

For RDP access, any Windows PC with Remote Desktop service configured

Any Linux running XRDP or any other RDP server

* Any PC or tablet with an HTML5-compliant Web browser (i.e. IE 9, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.)

For more information about ThinVNC and ThinVNC Access Point, contact Cybele Software, Inc. , 3422 Old Capitol Trail, Suite 1125, Wilmington, DE 19808 USA. Phone: (302) 892-9625 or (866) 462-9768, Email:, Website:

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