CV Technology, Inc. Helps One of India’s Major Multinational Manufacturers with NFPA Dust Explosion Risk Compliance

In keeping with a major multinational’s long-standing commitment to safety, their new manufacturing plant in India is designed and built to comply with NFPA Standards. Explosion risk consulting was provided by CV Technology, Inc to ensure that the safety systems were properly installed, operational, and to provide training for Major Multinational personnel.

Online PR News – 22-May-2009 – – A major multinational manufacturer is building a new powder processing plant in India and in keeping with the company’s long-standing commitment to safety; the process is designed and built to comply with NFPA Standards.

This major multinational manufacturer consulted CV Technology, Inc. of Jupiter, FL., an international leader in dust explosion protection and mitigation. Project planning started in 2007, and near the completion of construction in February 2009, CV Technology's Bill Stevenson and Bob Cudnik visited the plant to verify that the safety systems were properly installed, operational, and training was conducted for the plant personnel.

A Basis of Safety was formulated as an integral part of the plan at the inception of the project. The dusts being handled in the powder processing plant were evaluated to determine explosible indices in accordance with ASTM test protocols as required in the key NFPA 654, Standard for the Prevention of Fire and Dust Explosions from the Manufacturing, Processing, and Handling of Combustible Particulate Solids, 2006 edition. With the materials defined, each component in the process stream was considered to ensure safety.

Lessons learned from previous powder processing projects by CV Technology and this major multinational manufacturer were incorporated into the project to optimize efficiency and ensure safety. The finished system integrates equipment from all over the world to achieve the desired goals for production capacity and safety.

"This is one of the most carefully planned and constructed process systems with respect to NFPA compliance that I have ever seen" says Stevenson. “This is truly a remarkable achievement.” Both the major multinational and CV Technology are very proud of the finished plant.

There is a blend of many elements in this new system that incorporate equipment as well as techniques such as deflagration venting, isolation, containment, electrical classification, and bonding and grounding for examples. Specifications for components included direct drives to eliminate belts or chains, external bearings, and physical capacities. Even how materials are introduced and transported within the process were carefully considered to ensure safety and efficiency.

The result is a state of the art process system taking the best ideas from all over the world and incorporating them into a complex process that should provide operating efficiency and ensure longevity and profitability for this major multinational manufacturer in India.

CV Technology provides strategic explosion consulting to examine and assess the risk of dust explosion. In addition, CV Technology manufactures products that are designed to prevent or mitigate dust explosions. More information and detail is available on the corporate website:

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