Hearing About The Effectiveness Of Landmark Education Programs

Successful business man Andrew Cherng, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Panda Restaurant Group (PRG) is very much inspired by various programs and seminars that are offered by landmark education. Based on the personal experience, Andrew Cherng motivates his employees to join landmark education.

Online PR News – 06-June-2011 – – San Francisco,CA - Andrew Cherng, the Co-Chief Executive Officer of the Panda Restaurant Group (PRG) is a successful graduate from landmark education who is highly impressed by the effectiveness of the programs that are available at landmark forum. Andrew Cherng believes that external energy and support is a must for staying motivated in the path of success. He regularly takes part in various training programs that are organized by landmark education. All the programs and seminars that are offered by landmark education are found to be highly effective and Andrew Cherng finds them very useful for personal development and for being motivated. Landmark education offers more than 700 programs and seminars and Andrew Cherng tries to take part in as many programs as possible.

Organizing a meeting with the Panda Express Managers (PRG), he discusses about the importance of a good personality and motivation for being successful in life and recommends everyone in his team to join personal development and motivational programs at landmark education and benefit. The employees at PRG are found to be highly impressed by the speech given by Andrew Cherng and are found to be interested in joining landmark education aspiring to become like Andrew Cherng.

Andrew Cherng has updated information about the meeting he had with his employees and the response that he received in one of the web pages in Businessweek.com. The details are found to be very useful for beginners who are interested in gathering genuine feedback from graduates who have already taken part in landmark education programs and been successful. Reading such comments will not only help in deciding better and choosing the right program but will also help in being confident about the effectiveness of the programs. Andrew Cherng has also interestingly discussed how his employees came out and started discussing about their personal problems hoping to get a solution through landmark education. Visit http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/10_48/b4205098143983.htm to read more about the meeting managers at PRG had with Andrew Cherng and how fruitful the meeting was.