WorldWide Power Products Releases Guide on Making Power Generators Savvy Investments

Worldwide Power Products released a guide on making power generators savvy investments. We specialize in power generation equipment including over 100 new and used high quality backup power generators. Call at +1.713.434.2300.

Online PR News – 06-June-2011 – – Worldwide Power Products released a guide on making power generators savvy investments. Power failures occur regularly and are not only inconvenient, but costly. Electricity problems, including outages and fluctuations, cause billions of dollars in losses across the US each year. In order to avoid financial consequences, businesses must maintain a steady supply of energy. The best way to do this is by procuring a backup generator.

WorldWide Power Products specialize in power generation equipment including over 100 new and used high quality backup power generators at affordable prices. Brands include Caterpillar, Cummins, Chalmers, Waukesha, Kohler among many others.

It is important to remember that these outages could occur due to many different factors. Storms are the most common culprit behind electrical disturbances, but there are many other dangers that are often taken for granted. Outages can also be caused by flooding, earthquakes, snow, ice, lightning, hail, wind or dust. Power losses can even be brought on by heat or cold, because increased usage of air conditioning or heaters within an area can overload the power grid. Beyond those natural causes, power can be interrupted due to traffic accidents, digging around underground wires, short circuits, scheduled utility maintenance, or simple human error.

Looking at all of the potential causes of power outages and the dire consequences that are likely to follow, you can see how important it is to maintain a steady supply of energy. The primary way to ensure this is by owning a generator. Businesses in remote locations such as mining outfits might use generators as a continuous power supply, but most businesses are interested in having a backup or standby generator on hand to supplement their electricity in case of emergencies. These generators are wired to the business’ main electrical panel via a transfer switch; so when a sudden drop or outage occurs in the main electrical supply, the electrical panel automatically switches over to the backup generator as its power source, ensuring that there is no loss of electricity. It is important to realize that this backup power supply is not only useful in cases of full-on outages, but it also protects against drops in power strength, otherwise known as brownouts. Depending on the type of equipment a business is using, brownouts can result in system failures and damages that are costly in much the same way as outage effects are.

Having access to a backup power generator is the only surefire way to avoid the potential financial losses caused by power failures. If you are looking for quality new and used generators available for purchase or rent, or if you would like any additional information on this topic, please call us at 713-434-2300 or e-mail us at

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