The WhiteSmoke Translator Virus is Nothing More than a Rumor

WhiteSmoke works with antivirus companies to assure the safety of user information and privacy.

Online PR News – 06-June-2011 – – June 3, 2011 – It has recently come to the attention of WhiteSmoke Inc. from a number of concerned customers that there is a rumor floating around online forums and review websites about something called the WhiteSmoke Translator Virus in all WhiteSmoke Translator software programs. According to the rumor, upon installing the WhiteSmoke grammar check software, the computer becomes immediately affected with a WhiteSmoke Translator virus, corrupting documents and sending personal information through cyberspace.

This rumor however, bares no truth. WhiteSmoke takes the issue of online security very seriously. Upon creating the product, WhiteSmoke Translator's developers made sure to consult with some of the authorities in the online security field to ensure the product's security.

Only once those companies gave the “all-clear” on the program, did WhiteSmoke proceed with product development. Throughout its creation, as well as following the spread of the aforementioned rumors, WhiteSmoke consulted with various online security companies to make sure that user safety was and is in no way compromised. It has been 100% confirmed that WhiteSmoke Translator is in no way responsible for causing or spreading computer viruses.

Just the opposite. The benefits of WhiteSmoke’s software for translation and writing speak for themselves. WhiteSmoke English writing software includes a host of features, including one-click full-text translation capabilities, writing templates, grammar and punctuation checks aside from regular spelling checks, and multilingual dictionaries.

WhiteSmoke grammar checker products are in over 70 markets across the globe.
WhiteSmoke uses cutting edge translation technologies along with professionals in the field of software development to create a translation product that will assist anyone with their translation needs, whether for business, school, or just for writing emails. WhiteSmoke offers the assistance individuals need to write documents every time. With WhiteSmoke, you get professionalism…and no viruses!