ESB Tanning Systems Launches New Easy To Use Website

Quality tanning bed manufacturer ESB Tanning Systems is improving the customer experience with their newly launched website.

Online PR News – 14-December-2009 – – ELGIN, IL – Leading home tanning booth manufacturer, ESB Tanning Systems has announced the launch of their brand new customer friendly website.

The new and improved ESB Tanning Systems website is easy to navigate, features the various tanning systems manufactured by the company, as well as other miscellaneous tanning, skin care, lifestyle products, tanning tips, Vitamin D information, presentation for prospective dealers, replacement lamps, and free newsletter subscription. Also in the works is the first ever virtual tanning assistant to help guide you with your tanning bed shopping experience.

“The new website is very simple and fun to use. It lets consumers browse and gather information for all ESB models; tanning beds, tanning booths and stand up tanning units before making a purchase decision. It also features several special offers, tanning tips and useful Vitamin D info so consumers can buy their products and get all their tanning info at one place,” says Tom Batchos, Vice President of ESB Tanning Systems.

ESB Tanning Systems is one of the best known providers of tanning beds and is well known for their extensive array of discount tanning bed models and styles. The company provides customers with easy home tanning solutions at affordable prices. ESB Tanning Systems are pocketbook friendly and very energy efficient. They save consumers money since ESB tanning lamps last 15% longer and use up to 40% less electricity and generate 20% less heat than any other brand.

It is not surprising that this company is regarded as the number one manufacturer and retailer in the country for home tanning beds. ESB also has bragging rights to a number of industry firsts, including, but definitely not limited to:

* Dual Power in one lamp tanning & bronzing
* Swirl Face & Arm Tanning Lamps
* Reflector Lamps Standard feature…all units
* Home Tanning Booths with Face Tanners
* Bronzing Beds
* Door / Wall Stand Up Tanning Unit
* Red Light Therapy Bed

Each year, over 30 million U.S. consumers spend a combined 5 million dollars at tanning salons and on the purchase of other tanning related products. As an alternative, ESB provides consumers the options to buy the best home tanning system at a cheap tanning bed price. Saving money by tanning at home helps tanners realize a big return on their long term investment.

“Tanning from the sun or a tanning bed is a very natural process of the human body. The formation of our essential Vitamin D from the sun or UVB rays is another natural process. Why not take control of your health, naturally, and utilize the power of sun or electric sun as a lifestyle choice by purchasing an affordable cheap tanning bed for your home,” concludes Batchos.

About ESB Tanning Systems:
Known for having a wide selection of the best, cheap tanning bed models and styles, ESB Tanning Systems has been making it easy for Americans to tan at home for 17 years. Their systems use up to 40% less electricity and have a 15% longer lamp life while generating 20% less heat to make them the number one tanning booth manufacturer in the country.

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