United Marketing Switches To American Manufactured Vending Machines

United Marketing is very happy with the switch. They cite their motivation to switch because their previous machines were inferior foreign manufactured vending machines.

Online PR News – 14-December-2009 – – United Marketing, a nationally recognized vending machine distributor are proud to announce that they have a new lineup of vending machines. They are also very happy to say that these new machines are manufactured in the United States.

United Marketing executives commented that one of the reasons behind the change was their previous experience with foreign made vending machines. They said further that their experience with foreign made machines left a sour taste in their mouth. These bitter moments they say were caused by the overall inferior quality they found with foreign made vending machines.

However, the chance was a much-welcomed one for the company, the executives said. Their final comment made sure of their diligence to offer quality machines, "these foreign made machines were so cheap and unreliable, and they wasted too much time and money with their inferior quality. Now, though, we are so glad we switched to American manufactured vending machines. Those foreign made machines were simply second-rate compared to what we have now," another executive proclaimed.

For more information, contact United Marketing at 1-800-877-1335 or visit http://www.unitedvendgroup.com.