New Catchy Designs Of Door Hangers Introduced By Discountfavors.Com

Door hangers have been around us for quite a long time. Many marketers think that the door hangers have lost their charm in brand promotion. Door hangers have become very effective than ever before in brand promotion, with the introduction of some new concepts, according to the professionals of

Online PR News – 19-May-2009 – – Pensacola, FL ( Onlineprnews ) May 18, 2009 -“Unlike earlier days when the customization of the door hangers were limited to different colors and text, today, these unique promotional products have unlimited customization options. Anything from the shape to concept of the door hangers can be customized. Customizing the concept may seem odd to you. I will explain it to you soon. The customization of the door hangers ( is not widely available in the market. Even if they exist, they will be highly priced. Only a few promotional product suppliers like ourselves are providing the custom door hangers at cheap prices”, according says Mr. Carl of Discount Favors.

Speaking about the concept of promotion through door hangers, Mr. Carl said, “The main reason for the failure of the door hanger marketing campaigns today is because of the fact that the marketers are not well aware of this marketing concept. First of all you should understand that this promotional product focuses on an entire group of people or a family rather than being used by an individual. Hence, the message printed on the door hangers must be ideal for the group of people. If individual focused messages are printed on these door hangers, they will not be used by anyone and will eventually end up in a trash bin. Moreover, the door hangers should not be all about your brand advertisement. Think of the fact that people don’t really want to decorate their doors with your brand advertisement. This is where the tear off door hangers comes in handy. In this type of door hangers, the advertisement part can be torn and separated from the actual door hanger. Now I’ll explain the customization of this concept. The advertisement part of the tear off type custom door hangers ( can be further customized. One of the very effective customization options is to place the discount coupons in the tear off part. This will increase your sales to a great extent. You can have up to four tear off discount coupons in a single door hanger.”

Speaking on the move, Mr. Carl said, “Lowest price and atmost quality is the promise that we make and we are living up to it. You can compare the prices of the door hangers and we are sure that our pricing is the cheapest. When it comes to the quality and the unique design of these door hangers available with us, they are simply incomparable. You cannot find such unique designs anywhere else in the market.”

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