Perfect Nutrient Solution Calculator Keeping Plant Nutrient Track

A nutrient calculator allows one to estimate and keep track of the amount of nutrients you are adding to your hydroponic garden.

Online PR News – 03-June-2011 – – Nutrients are essential for healthy and robust growth of your plants. Especially in case of hydroponics where plants are grown in a soilless medium with the help of nutrients dissolved in water and applied directly to the roots. An ideal nutrient solution should contain important minerals and vitamins in the correct ratio. While you might have achieved moderate levels of success when it comes to growing hydroponically, you are always ready for the next big leap ahead. There is a very thin line between the way in which a moderate hydroponics enthusiast and a consummate hydroponics expert grower would put to use the same set of resources to ensure they get the best results for their crops. And what is that little edge, you might wonder. Have you ever used a nutrient calculator?

A nutrient solutions calculator allows one to estimate and keep track of the amount of nutrients you are adding to your hydroponic garden. Advanced Nutrients through extensive research and study has developed a nutrient calculator called Advanced Nutrient Calculator that helps you analyze the chemistry of your nutrient solution. The Advanced Nutrient calculator with the help of EC (Electrical Conductivity) calculates the strength of a nutrient solution you are going to use for your hydroponic plants. As you feed in the data on nutrient base, grower level, reservoir size and unit of measurement, you can easily calculate your nutrient solution requirement at each phase on a weekly basis. With an extremely simple and user-friendly interface, this nutrient calculator tells you exactly how much of what nutrient product you need to use.

This application can help you:
•Get complete control and fully customize the feed program of your hydroponics garden
•With its enhanced features to have more control over your garden
Advanced Nutrients’ nutrient calculator coincides with the launch of pH Perfect, a solution to all your pH problems and the end of investing in expensive devices to regulate and calibrate near-perfect pH levels for you nutrient solutions. The nutrient calculator on the Advanced Nutrients’ website lets you save week-by-week nutrition plans for your plants. Also, it does not intimidate the hobbyist. The nutrient calculator offers nutrition solutions for free; everyone from the hobbyist who plays around with hydroponics to the professional grower who has made it his livelihood will find in the nutrient calculator a useful resource that helps them grow bigger and better. You can login and save your weekly feed charts. This app is now available on your mobile phone and is compatible with most smart phones.

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