– Residents Around Legian Beach Celebrate Their Ancestors on 5 July 2011
06/03/2011 highlights that a special festival will be taking place near Legian Beach and around Bali as families hold unique rituals to honour past relatives.

Online PR News – 03-June-2011 – – Galungan and Kuningan is a holiday typical of Balinese culture which is also celebrated in other parts of Indonesia by people from Balinese communities and is the people’s most important festival. Galungan refers to the first day of the holiday which is held each 210 days and translates as ‘When the Dharma is winning’. The next cycle will be on 5th July 2011 and the entire event stretches over 10 days.

Kuningan is the holiday’s last day and it is believed that over this time the gods of Bali come down from heaven for the ceremonies and then depart on Kuningan.

During this time visitors will see huge decorated poles made from bamboo outside homes in Bali and these can reach several metres in height. Past family members are said to return for the festivities and people will be seen offering various foods such as fruit and sweet cakes which are presented at the family temple. Prayers and ceremonies will also take place at the house and usually everyone gathers for a large feast afterwards.

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