Brand Identity Designer Increases Website Traffic by Just Answering 10 questions!

In just 3 months of a website's lifetime, a single-moment decision triples the traffic.

Online PR News – 03-June-2011 – – Isaac Zakar, a Greece based Logo and brand identity designer was lucky and smart enough to accept answering to a college course interview by a graphic design college student in his own unique way.

He answered the interview form having answered all 10 questions and then sent it back to the student in a very creative and self-promoting way. The result was much more pleasant than expected.

Within a week of answering the interview questions, the graphic designer’s website traffic had increased by 200%, with the specific post being the most popular page of the website.

In the beginning of May 2011, the graphic designer received an e-mail from a student that considered the designer’s work to be greatly inspirational. She believed that she and her classmates would benefit from his experience and knowledge on graphic design and art direction. Attached to the e-mail, there was a short series of questions from which the designer was kindly asked to answer as many as he liked.

The designer decided to not just send his replies as an e-mail text or in a Word document as expected. His idea was simply to upload the complete interview form (questions and answers) on his graphic design portfolio website as a blog post among other graphic design articles, including a simple image he designed for the specific post. The title of the post is «An Interview by a Graphic Design Student» and it is now one of the most visited posts of the designer’s portfolio website. Of course, the interview was uploaded with the consent of the student after e-mail communication with the designer.

As a result of this insightful upload, the designer has achieved the promotion of his graphic design portfolio around the globe in just 3 months of the website’s lifetime.

After this first successful promotional interview, the designer decided to continue promotions by offering free 3D desktop wallpapers and free graphic design articles for web use.

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