Installing A Solar Hot Water Heater Can Drastically Cut Your Electricity Bill In Half!

The best and most economical way to save money and efficiently use solar power is to switch to a solar hot water heating system. You will cut your energy bills significantly, help keep the environment carbon free and have an investment that will eventually pay for itself.

Online PR News – 03-June-2011 – – One of the cleanest and environmentally friendly ways to heat water is to put a solar hot water heater to work. It's really not complicated. Just expose water to sunlight and voila - you have a non-polluting, efficient solution, according to Richard Viera, author/publisher of How Solar Power Guide

"I know this sounds simple, but as solar water heating is much easier than generating electricity and is a more cost effective use of solar power," said Richard, who added that there were three types of heating systems currently available on the market, namely the Integral Collector Systems, Drainback Systems, and Closed Loop Antifreeze Systems.

"Even pool solar panels will save you big bucks," he added.
The three solar water heating systems Richard alluded to earlier have been proven performers, and he believes solar panel water heaters helps in many ways. "Even if you plan to install a full scale home solar system, but isolating the water heater portion can be a smart and economical move," he said.

However, he added that if you can heat the water with solar power (through the sun's rays), you'll save enough money on your electricity bills, which will eventually give you a better ROI (return on investment) on your home solar power system installation.

One of the downside to installing a solar power water heater, according to Richard, is that if you live in a cold climate weather condition you'll obviously need both an active anti-freeze and closed loop systems. "This will increase your cost to the total solar power system installation, but not much, but all things considered, I believe it will be money well spent," he said.

According to Richard, there's currently an article, titled "Home Solar Power Made Easy - Simple Projects to Save You Money", on his website that provides a more comprehensive and detailed review on the types solar hot water heater.
In closing however, he further noted that an installed home solar power system can also double as a solar pool heater. "We all know how expensive it is to heat a pool, especially if you live in a multi-season region. But when you have this economical solar heating system, you'll extend your pool season by several months," vouched Richard.

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