Overland Park Attorney Provides Divorce Solutions That Ease Holiday Stress

The Law Office of Shea Stevens offers uncontested divorce services that minimize the impact of divorce on families, especially during the already stressful holiday time.

Online PR News – 17-December-2009 – – Overland Park, KS – Financial strain and family obligations make the holiday season inherently stressful. And, families going through a typical divorce during the holidays can be prone to additional stress and sadness.

In response to her clients’ needs for quick, minimum-impact divorce solutions, Shea Stevens of The Law Office of Shea Stevens, began specializing in uncontested divorce services in which spouses agree on all aspects of custody, visitation, support, property settlement, payment of debts, attorney fees and any other related matters in a case. When all matters are agreed upon, the divorce process is substantially quicker and less expensive.

“Going through a divorce around the holidays is never easy, especially for children. An uncontested divorce will speed up the process so parents can get back to the important aspects of the holiday: spending time with family,” said Stevens.

As author of the information-dense blog, KansasDivorceSource.com, it’s been Stevens’ mission to arm her clients with not just knowledge of the divorce process, but insight, based on her experience, from talking to children about divorce, making decisions about housing and debt, and resources for post-divorce support. In one of her latest blog entries, entitled “Dealing With Your Kansas Divorce Through the Holidays,” Stevens offers her thoughts from lessons she’s learned from her clients about how to cope with divorce during a season that is supposed to be joyful. Stevens’ uncontested divorce solutions provide a quick and easy way to dissolve a marriage with minimum impact on the holiday season.

“An uncontested divorce won’t suit every situation, but even if couples don’t agree on everything at the beginning, we facilitate discussions and find common ground in just about any case,” said Stevens. “In my experience, it is worth it to try. My clients who choose the uncontested route over the traditional divorce seem to come out of the process in a better emotional state.”

To read more about uncontested divorces and many other topics on divorce and family, visit Stevens’ blog at KansasDivorceSource.com. Readers will find a wealth of information concerning uncontested divorce processes in Kansas, how to choose the right attorney, why it’s important to watch what you write on Facebook during a divorce and many other topics for those seeking and going through divorce.

About Shea Stevens Law
Shea Stevens specializes in uncontested divorces, but also assists clients in the Greater Kansas City area seeking divorce, modification, child support, alimony, asset and debt division, paternity and prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements. Shea is licensed in Kansas and Missouri and is also a court approved Guardian ad Litem for Missouri. Stevens received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Kansas State University, and a juris doctor from the University of Tulsa. Shea practiced in corporate law for several years prior to opening her law firm in the spring of 2008.

About KansasDivorceSource.com
KansasDivorceSource.com is the resource for residents in Kansas and Missouri seeking divorce counsel. Author, Shea Stevens tackles tough subject matters such as bankruptcy, child custody, property division and child support. The information she provides is highly valuable and often guarded by attorneys for consultation fees. Stevens seeks to give her clients all the information they need to make smart decisions about their families and futures. KansasDivorceSource.com has served thousands of people since its beginning in 2008. To subscribe, visit www.kansasdivorcesource.com and click on “Subscribe via RSS.”


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