2012 Olympics To Be Green; MyCleaningProducts Supports the Change

Only a little more than a year left and its Olympics again. And to make it to more than just any event, Adidas is turning it green.

Online PR News – 05-June-2011 – – The 2012 Olympic Games is happening in a year. And Adidas, the events official sponsor, plans to make it as environment-friendly as possible.

MyCleaningProducts, a company offering biodegradable cleaners, is supporting the sports giant's plans. As a green company, the MCP also aims to be of help to the planet. It produces its Green Bean line of products using organic ingredients to promote environmental awareness while helping users fulfill effectively their cleaning duties.

The sports company will specifically turn 2012 Olympic green by making recycled clothing for all 70 000 event participants. Those participants include the Olympic staff, volunteers and torchbearers.

And to make the annual sports event more green as it has never been before, plans for 100% recycled shoes and water bottles were also made. Prototypes for the green “stuff” for the athletes' use has also been designed already.

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“A little more than a year left and countries will again compete for the Olympic gold medals. This time though, things will get green as it has never been before. But athletes, you don't have to worry about anything though. It will be “green” as in eco-friendly and not as envy.”

“Adidas, the official sponsor of 2012 Olympic participants is planning to make the event as environment-friendly as possible. The giant sports gear company is designing and producing clothing for the staff, volunteers and torchbearers made of recycled materials.”

“Plans for 100% recycled shoes and water bottles for the participants were also made.”

“Is 2012 Olympic Games going to be that green? Well, there's exactly 421 days left to know if it will. However, just hearing about the “green” plans is already a good thing. It shows that more and more are now becoming aware of the help our planet needs.”

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“When it comes to the threads worn by staff, volunteers and torchbearers during the 2012 Olympics, Adidas is intent on making them as green as possible.”

“The sports giant and Olympics sponsor announced earlier this week that the 70,000 participants will all wear clothing (Buttons, polyester and cotton) made from recycled materials. There are also plans for special “recycled” shoes and the world’s first 100% recycled water bottle. (Why do I find this hard to believe that one doesn’t already exist? Really?)”

“In terms of the athletes, Stella McCartney is leading that charge and reportedly producing some spectacular stuff. “I have seen the prototypes already and I think what she is designing is truly phenomenal,” said Adidas Chief Executive Herbert Hainer. No word yet on just how green the athlete uniforms will be, but if the volunteer threads are any indication, you can expect recycled materials are at the very least part of the plan.”
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Every day and every event is an opportunity to go green. And the news about 2012 Olympics embracing the use of recycled materials is one very good example of it.

Nonetheless, helping the environment is the responsibility of everybody and not just of big companies. Everyone should therefore implement steps that can help make the earth a more sustainable planet.

There are so many green ways one can take to be of help. The use of green cleaning products is one of those ways. Anybody can do it. It requires no hard work, no big amount and even poses no health risks hence everybody should go for it.

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