The E.F. Group Transforms Traditional Marketing Through Cross-Media Solutions

The E.F. Group has been working exclusively with Accu-Print specializing in an array of cross-media marketing services from QR codes, direct mail to sophisticated electronic marketing solutions, including e-mail blasts, text messaging, personalized response URLs, and more.

Online PR News – 05-June-2011 – – With launch of its website – – the company will be reaching out more aggressively to new clients hungry to move beyond traditional marketing into highly relevant, more effective one-to-one communications that click with audiences. The goals are to help customers establish meaningful dialogue with target audiences and to leverage customer data for smarter marketing, all of which should add up to growing the bottom line.

“Our motto, cross-media that clicks, indicates our commitment to creating
measurable campaigns that get noticed and get results,” said Jason Ellis, Vice
President of Business Development for The E.F. Group. “We have invested heavily
in technology and offer a complete turnkey operation that takes a concept to
completion and puts it into action that works for our clients.”
The E.F. Group shares space with the award-winning Accu-Print at 3503
Crosspoint in Northeast San Antonio. Founded more than 20 years ago, Accu-Print
has been rated among the top 100 print shops in the nation by Quick Printing
By partnering with sister company Accu-Print, The E.F. Group aims to
provide one-stop shopping from concept and program development to printing,
technical and fulfillment services. Accu-Print will be the printing firm and
technology company of choice for The E.F. Group.
The “E.F.” in The E.F. Group stands for Ellis Family, the owners and
operators of Accu-Print. Jason Ellis, who holds a business degree in Management
Information Systems from Texas A&M University, says the impetus for The E.F.
Group came from Accu-Print clients who were looking for marketing services.
“Many regular Accu-Print customers knew they trusted our company to
provide quality printing and graphic design and wanted to know if we could do more
to serve them,” Ellis said. “So we developed The E.F. Group to work with clients in
developing marketing strategies for new products, trade shows, advertising campaigns
and other communication needs.”

“The E.F. Group was formed specifically with a focus on cross-media marketing
strategies that help clients define relevant communications to reach target audiences,”
says Lori Ivy, Strategic Marketing Manager for The E.F. Group.
“If you plan to send an e-mail blast to 50,000 people, do you know who you’re
sending it to?” Ivy asked. “We believe in targeting the audience so our client’s
message is relevant and reaches people who want to read it, and further want to click
into a personalized website created to pique their interest in a specific product,
service, or event that is being marketed.”
For example, if you have a portrait studio that specializes in children’s photos,
it makes little sense to conduct a mass marketing campaign that reaches households
without children. Using detailed databases combined with the latest technology, The
E.F. Group can help you reach families with young children. The result is a more
technologically advanced, targeted marketing effort that yields better results.
One popular and powerful service of The E.F. Group is the development of
Response URLs. The customized URLs lead prospects to personalized web landing
pages that provide information relevant to the prospects and provides an opportunity
to begin an information-rich dialogue with potential customers through a variety of
media, including mailers, e-mail, and text messages. Implemented effectively, this
tool allows clients of The E.F. Group to hone their marketing messages and increase
response rates by 30 percent or more.

“We developed a targeted direct mail campaign for a startup company that
resulted in a 58 percent response rate,” Ivy said. “Most direct mail campaigns are
considered wildly successful if they receive a response of 2 percent.”
“That kind of response would have been unheard of before the emergence of
technologically advanced cross-media marketing solutions. It created a heightened
awareness among a targeted audience, and helped give the company a jump start on
the competition.”
“Having the technology to measure the quality of a marketing campaign 24/7
has been critical to the early success of The E.F. Group,” says Ivy, a veteran
marketing manager who has worked with Fortune 500 companies and small
businesses. “That’s why the company invested in cutting-edge technology that can
provide real-time reporting on online marketing efforts – everything from who is
responding, to what pages they visited.”
But The E.F. Group also has a proven track record when it comes to direct
mail campaigns. “The owners of Thousand Oaks Automotive came to us for help
with their postcard mailings. The auto repair shop was sending thousands of
postcards monthly and received a minimal response,” Ivy said. “We created a
personalized postcard making it more relevant to households. The walk-in business
intensified to the point where they asked us to stop mailing the postcards.”
“We did one of those customized mail-outs recently. People got them in the
mail Friday afternoon and I probably had 8 customers walk in with them on
Saturday, and another 20 or 30 came in the following week,” said David Harris, coowner
of Thousand Oaks Automotive. “I wasn’t sure how this customized approach
would work out when we first tried it. I wouldn’t go back to the other way now.
We’ve had a real good response.”

Tim Bruce, owner of General Air Conditioning Inc., said he has been so
pleased that he shifted advertising dollars into the customized mailers. “We nearly
eliminated Yellow Pages advertising. We saw way better results than Yellow Pages.”
Bruce said the customized mail-outs targeted past customers of General Air
Conditioning, reminding them to have a semi-annual checkup done on their heating
and air conditioning unit or units. Calls came in the next day after General Air
postcards reached customers.
On the two most recent campaigns, Bruce said General Air experienced an 8-1
return on the marketing investment. As a result, General Air planned to distribute a
third mailer before the end of 2008. “We’re going to see if we can pick up anybody we
missed the last time around,” he said.

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