Purge the Look of Ring Around The Mouth With Wrinkle Redeaux

Diminish the appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Online PR News – 02-June-2011 – – Pursing or puckering lips frequently—when sipping, smoking, or talking animatedly—is a major source of developing fine lines around the mouth. Coupled with sun exposure women may find a rind of small age lines surrounding their lips. Lined wrinkles around the lip area is very aging and a source of frustration for many women. Beauté de Paris’ Wrinkle Redeaux helps combat this appearance aging skin care problem.

Doctors recommend using skin creams with collagen-stimulating ingredients, such as peptides and retinoids, to help thwart lines from getting deeper and prevent new ones from forming. Additionally, products containing hyaluronic acid plump up skin and makes the appearance of lines less visible. Wrinkle Redeaux uses both peptide technology and hyaluronic acid. For added measure Wrinkle Redeaux is formulated with A-Lipoic Acid a very powerful antioxidant, moisturizer and free-radical scavenger. Alpha-lipoic acid also plays an important role in the body’s "antioxidant network." It revitalizes and extends the metabolic lifespan of vitamin C, and indirectly renews vitamin E. Clinically tested by independent laboratory AMA Labs studies showed:
 Tests have found that 100% of test subjects reported a significant reduction in the appearance of wrinkles after only 4 weeks.
 100% of test subjects reported a significant decrease in the appearance of skin roughness and dryness after 4 weeks.
 100% of test subjects reported a decrease in the look of visible age spots, freckles and skin discolorations after 4 weeks.
 100% of test subjects reported a significant improvement in skin's appearance for firmness, tightness and elasticity after 4 weeks.

Wrinkle Redeaux can be used by both men and women. One bottle costs $79.99 and for a limited time only two bottles cost $119.99.

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