Outwell tents - relauch for the Wolf Lake & Bear Lake Tents

The Bear Lake and Wolf Lake carry on for 2010, however campers are often confused as to which is better and for what reasons. One of the leading manufacturers of camping equipment and tents, Outwell have launched their classic range of tents without new styles due to the growing success of the Bear Lake and Wolf Lake.

Online PR News – 14-December-2009 – – The Outwell tents collection is arguably the finest range of tents in the camping marketplace; highly regarded by customers due to the high quality and well thought out designs which are practical for family camping. The classic range of tents is probably the best range of outwell tents as it uses the polycotton fabrics which are more ideal for camping in all weather conditions. Also the designs and structures of the tents within this range are rock solid as they are built to be more durable and withstand adverse weather conditions. Innovative and successful, this range has become wildly successful in the UK market due to the variable weather conditions.

Here at Outdoorworlddirect.co.uk, we stock both the Outwell Wolf Lake and the Outwell Bear Lake in both sizes, and we have often found that when family campers come to choose a luxurious family tent, they often get confused on which tent to choose as they are both so similar in look and style.
However these are two different tents with totally different features that will be useful to different family needs. This article aims to explain the difference between the two

Outwell Wolf Lake Tent

The Outwell Wolf Lake 5 and Outwell Wolf Lake 7 completes the Wolf lake range from Outwell, offering a solid tunnel structure with great living and sleeping space. The standing height of the tent is also excellent allowing camper’s luxury and comfort.
The alloy frame helps to reduce the weight of an already heavy tent (due to the polycotton) whilst providing a stable and solid structure which has been tested in wind speeds in excess of 60mph. The large front canopy on the tent offers superb living space and a good place to hide when the summer showers hit, and also a good place to store all the family muddy hiking and camping equipment after a long day of outdoor pursuits

Outwell Bear Lake Tent

Outwell Bear Lake 4 & Outwell Bear Lake 6 are very similar to the Wolf Lake counterparts, however they offer a removable canopy for the front for if the wind picks up. The Bear Lakes are again very comfortable, stylish, functional and convenient, offering fantastic living space and height. The zip out groundsheet provides the sealed groundsheet system which can be removed for cleaning purposes making the tent highly versatile.

How do they differ:-
- Wolf Lake has a more fixed canopy with sides as opposed to the canopy extension which is on the Bear Lake.
- The Bear Lake has a removable canopy.
- The Bear Lake has a side strengthening pole.
- The Wolf lakes are wider with slightly more sleeping space.

How are they similar:-
- Zip in groundsheet – great for cleaning purposes
- Both feature the polycotton fabrics
- Heavy duty high quality finish that will last a family years
- Alloy poles
- Standing height

Which is better for Family camping?

Well that depends, both tents hit different but very similar markets, personally at Outdoor World Direct, we feel the Wolf Lake is ideal for families are requiring more space due to the layout and shape of the tent. Also the fixed canopy is a great addition when compared with the removable Bear Lake canopy. However the Bear Lake is a class family tent as well which offers similar features, the choice remains with the end user and how much space they are requiring. Concluding, both tents are high end high quality family tents aimed at those wanting pure perfection, buy either of these tents and we are pretty sure you won’t be disappointed, the cotton makes life far more comfortable and the alloy structure is solid and dependable.

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