Black Mold Got Tenants Evicted ; Molderizer Offers Way to Prevent Eviction

Black mold can bring several home problems. To help everybody prevent the worse its invasion can bring, MyCleaningProducts introduces Molderizer to the public.

Online PR News – 05-June-2011 – – In Harve de Grace, Maryland, tenants of a house turned apartment were evicted because of black mold. The apartment was inspected by building inspectors and when the mold was seen, the place was condemned.

Eviction and other mold-related home problems can happen to anyone as proven by the high number of reported mold invasion cases. To fight the negative effects that mold growth can bring and to prevent the worse that can happen, introduces Molderizer.

Molderizer is basically a spray mold remediation solution. To use it, users just have to spray an appropriate amount of the product to the surface or area to treat. According to its creators, it is the only mold removal product that can change the DNA make up of the destructive fungi.

“Molderizer is the number one mold removal product as proven by lab tests. There is no other out there that can be as effective and as safe as it is. Consumers can rest assured that it can kill the molds effectively and safely. It is made of organic ingredients so there are no harmful chemicals our customers have to worry about.” said the CEO of MyCleaningProducts, Molderizer's manufacturer.

Apart from the effectiveness and the safety that the mold remediation product can give, it also promises a cut back from home expenses. As a concentrated solution, a small amount of the product is already enough to get the remediation going. Hence a bottle of Molderizer can last longer than its competition of the same amount.

Additionally, is now offering the said mold removal at a discounted price. “We want everybody to experience the benefits of our products from the environment to the pocket. This is our way of encouraging them to go green as we do and save money in the process.” added Markus Skupeika, MCP CEO.

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