Blazes offers online advice for fixing control issues with central heating boilers.

Blazes is publishing a brief explanation of the various ways to fix central heating controls.

Online PR News – 05-June-2011 – – National heating company, Blazes, is publishing online advice designed to help people understand central heating boilers better.

Central heating boilers have a number of control mechanisms designed to distribute the heat and water at chosen times.

But faults with these controls run up your fuel bills, making your home the wrong room temperature.

The most important item to check is the thermostat, programmer and time switches.

The electronic programmer and radiator valve may help to get your boiler up and running.

Don't attempt to repair or service your central heating system yourself – always use official Gas Safe Register approved heating engineer.

Central heating systems should be serviced regularly by a professional – which will prevent any future problems or expensive emergency call outs.

The age of thermostat can drastically affect your central heating. Over time they can lose it can lose accuracy and temperature settings will change at incorrect times.

While a gas central heating boiler engineer can clean and fix your old thermostat - it would actually be more economical to purchase a new one with energy-saving controls from Blazes.

If it is turned down or off when you don’t need it – you can cut central heating bills by up to 20 percent.

On time clock driven programmers, check the clock dial isn't stuck – and, therefore, incorrect. If so, the programme on/off timing will be wrong.

In addition, check the LCD display and make sure the circuit board electronics or relay hasn't failed. A replacement usually just plugs straight in its place.

If you have a thermostatic valve, try turning up the thermostat. Many have conventional lock shield valves. If this is the case remove the cover and change the settings.

If there is no change, you may have a problem with your central heating radiator valve.
In this case a central heating engineer may be necessary.

Central heating systems rely on the controls. The controls should therefore, have the most investment put into them – which will, as a bi-product, reduce fuel bills and improve longevity.

If you want to install a new central heating system Ask yourself what you want – instant or stored central heating hot water, mains pressure hot water, independent heating zones, types of controls, efficiency, or backups.

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