announces the launch of its Digital Rights Management Solution

Beating Piracy of Software in the Gray Market with Digital Rights Management Solution from

Online PR News – 02-June-2011 – – The unauthorized usage of software, videos and music has been a reason for big revenue losses all across the world. In spite of piracy policies in place the unauthorized usage of intellectual property seems to be an ongoing process with limited control on it. There have been several crackdowns on organized organizations that are into this trade full time but one of them shuts down and 10 others mushroom up with the same size and same vigor.

In such a scenario organizations that are into the distribution of music, movies videos or software have hard time coping with the gray market. Pirated software, music and videos just work fine with minor changes. It’s really difficult for a layman to tell the difference between an original and a pirated copy.

With the growth of the gray market ways and means are being sharpened to curb this growing menace. Organizations like Secureteam have been working overtime to beat this menace with everyday innovations and rolling out of products and services to protects one's intellectual property. In its mission to keep the digital world piracy free Secureteam has its own Digital Rights Management Solution which aims at rapidly facilitating the protection and licensing of the software launched by their clients.

According to highly placed source in Secureteam "CliSecure uses public/private key encryption to facilitate copy protection, this technology is well suited to provide a robust link between the software application and the license key - preventing software piracy and enforcing authorized use of the software."

One can be relaxed after launching the software in the market after combining it with SecureTeam's Digital Rights Management Solution and not worry about the unauthorized usage of the software in the gray market.

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