Zed-Serviceā„¢ - A 360 Degree After-Sales Service Software Crosses 7 Million Service Calls

Zed-Axis Technologies, a New Delhi, India based Software Development Company is pleased to announce the recent milestone accomplished by its flagship product Zed-Serviceā„¢ (www.zed-service.in), which has successfully handled 7 million service calls in a span of less than 2 years.

Online PR News – 02-June-2011 – – Zed-Serviceā„¢, the 360 degree after-sales service automation solution by Zed-Axis Technologies achieved a significant milestone by crossing 7 million service calls recently. Commenting on this occasion, Rakesh Goel, the CTO of Zed-Axis Technologies informed that this milestone has been achieved in less than 2 years time and we consider this milestone ā€œjust-a-beginningā€. He further said that awareness and concern about the after-sales service process optimization and automation is growing rapidly and companies are now serious about this business function which was traditionally considered as a cost center and extended liability.
Kick-starting with some of the leading mobile handset brands in India, Zed-Serviceā„¢ gained exposure to International market, by extending its solution & service to Europe for one of its existing Indian customers. Moving ahead, Zed-Serviceā„¢ further made its maiden entry into the African market where awareness and intent towards IT Systems is still at the learning stage. The product moved further to offer new variants for other industry segments.
When asked to summarize the achievements of Zed-Serviceā„¢ in the last couple of years, Mr. Goel highlighted the following points:
Zed-Serviceā„¢ expanded its reach into all three variants of customer service handling process viz., Carry-In or Walk-In, Onsite or Field Service and Return-to-Bench (RTB) or Return-to-Factory (RTF).
Zed-Serviceā„¢ is now available in different variants, each specializing in different industry vertical. Some of the new variants include:
Zed-Serviceā„¢ for Packaged Power & Power Conditioning Products like Inverters, UPS, Battery and Solar Systems.
Zed-Serviceā„¢ for Sanitaryware, Bathware, Kitchenware, Health & Wellness Products.
Zed-Serviceā„¢ for Home Appliances like TV, LCD, STB, Music & Gaming Systems.
Zed-Serviceā„¢ for white-goods like Air-Conditioner, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Water Purifier, RO, etc.

Zed-Serviceā„¢ successfully implemented for one of Indiaā€™s leading power conditioning and packaged power Products Companies currently handling over 25,000 service calls per month.
Zed-Serviceā„¢ is being used to manage customer service operations of more than 50 Mobile Handset Brands in India.
Zed-Serviceā„¢ facilitates Multi Language, Multi Currency and Multi Time Zone transactions.
Zed-Serviceā„¢ added new user-friendly real-time reporting features like ā€œDrag and Dropā€ Pivot Reports & Graphical Reports.
The proven track record of handling 7 million customer service calls, geographical breakthroughs, new product variants, versatility in various verticals, and the acquisition of a sizeable client base in less than 2 years sum up the encouraging journey of Zed-Serviceā„¢, which, according to Mr. Rakesh Goel, is just a beginning.

Zed-Axis is a 10 years young Software Services company with core focus on business-critical software solutions. With its strong domain expertise in web technologies and user experience management, Zed-Axis has successfully delivered more than 500 business critical projects and served companies including start-ups to Fortune 500. Zed-Axis offers specialized products for Channel Sales & Distribution Management and After-Sales Service Management. For details, please visit www.zed-axis.com