Ukraine Parliament Passes Gambling Restricting Bill

All gambling in the Ukraine is to be banned until the industry is concentrated and moved out of the cities to a designated area by the Black Sea

Online PR News – 18-May-2009 – – This Friday the Ukraine’s parliament enacted all laws related to gambling until all casino and slot machines are pending a relocation of all gaming activities to the Crimean peninsula on the Black Sea far from the Ukraine’s capital which has been authorized by the government. . The complete prohibition against any gaming will be in effect for at least several months, until regulations are established for the new casino tourist spot.

The bill was voted by legislatures unanimously, stating that gambling has reached a status of an epidemic amongst citizens’ and especially with the younger generation. Last week, nine people were killed in a fire in a gambling hall in the eastern city of Dnipropetrovsk, drawing public attention to the issue.

Pysarenko, a lawmaker from Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko's party has been quoted saying “The gambling addiction has turned into an epidemic” "Today marks a big victory for all Ukrainians." He also believes that gambling halls evade taxes and the state budget gets less than a fifth of the $5 billion dollar industry. He believes that concentrating and limitation of casinos and gaming operators to the Crimea will solve the growing tax evasion problem in the industry.

Writing the bill was a joint effort with the opposing party and will come into effect once it has been signed by President Viktor Yushchenko. Yushchenko hasn’t made any opinions on this bill and his spokeswoman hasn’t s stated whether he would back the bill or not.

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