With Summer Upon Us, 1800Pools Announces Deals on Their 3 Inch Chlorine Tablets

A pool is an absolute must for many during the summer season, but it is only as inviting as it is refreshing and clean. A pool that is neither is not only unwelcoming but also a health hazard. 1800Pools can help keep pools sparkling, clean and safe.

Online PR News – 04-June-2011 – – It is an absolute travesty to have a swimming pool in the back yard and have filthy water inside. Poor maintenance is not as uncommon as one thinks when it comes to people and their pools. Pool maintenance is quite an undertaking, but that should not be an excuse for harboring a dirty and potentially dangerous body of water in the backyard. The ideal color we should all be looking for is a beautiful refreshing ocean blue color with that added sparkle. It all starts with ensuring the proper chlorine dosage, and to that end, 1800Pools offers 3" Chlorine Tablets that work well with floaters, automatic chlorinators, and skimmer baskets.

1800Pools carefully tests products that it sells, and with their 3" Chlorine Tablets, they examined candidate products until they found one that used EPA-approved chlorine, exhibited consistent and gradual dissolve properties, ensured proper chlorine dispersal all day long and left no residue once the tablet was fully dissolved. The comprehensive attention that 1800Pools places on each product that they sell enables them to recommend the appropriate solutions to their customers, confident in the fact that such solutions will work as advertised. Pool chemicals in particular often produce mixed results, so 1800Pools ensures that before they stock any pool product, that particular products is tested and meets or exceeds customer expectations for the application for which it was designed.

Customers realize, particularly during the summer months, that they need to keep their pool looking inviting and fresh throughout the sunny weather. Unfortunately, they have to battle against several natural factors that conspire to make their pool uninviting and in some cases, unsafe for use. One of the foundational steps to keeping a pool in proper condition is the application of pool chemicals, and in particular the 3" Chlorine tablets offered by 1800Pools. When chlorine dissolves into the pool, it eliminates microorganisms and bacteria by attacking their cellular structure, oxidizing them in the process and leaving them harmless.

Despite its ability to eliminate bacteria, chlorine does have some annoying residual effects that need to be taken into consideration. Too much chlorine results in an unpleasant odor that overwhelm many. Moreover, chlorine has been known to react negatively to some types of skin and to fabric as well, rendering some material looking old and faded after being exposed. The encouraging news is that the industry's understanding on pool chemicals has advanced significantly in the past decade, and they have been able to produce products such as the three inch chlorine tablets that are actively released into the pool in specific amounts over a period of time, enough to ensure that bacteria is neutralized but not too much so as to pose an annoyance to the humans.

"Our fascination with water recreation continues unabated, but with so much fun must come a measure of care, and to enable that, we at 1800Pools have endeavored to find the right product that does the job effectively and safely. We worry about the products that our customers need to ensure proper pool care, so that they can focus on what matters most, and that is enjoying the pool with their friends and family," explains Kris Bohnberger of 1800Pools.

1800Pools offers a huge selection of pool and spa parts and supplies along with all the leisure related items to keep you enjoying your indoor and outdoor activities throughout the summer and all year long. During off-season swimming pool times, check out our Ice Rinks, Winter Fun, and Christmas Store categories.

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